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Seagate Barracuda 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

( 4.5 Average / 164 Ratings )




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SATA 6 Gb/s





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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Centre Com $127.00 $127.00+
CPL Online $129.00 $129.00+
PCCaseGear $129.00 In stock $129.00+
IJK $132.00 $132.00+
Scorptec $132.00 $132.00+
PLE Computers $139.00 $139.00+
Newegg Australia $149.60 $149.60+

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from completed build Operation : Recovery

Got it refurbished on amazon very happy with the speed boost from my old 5400 RPM drive.

from completed build Gaming Machine 2015

Works well, not too many issues yet. Mostly use it for date storage

from completed build Blue Demon Streaming/gaming

A great hard drive. Best value in its class. No problems with installation

from completed build My First PC Build (i7 & 290X)

I know people are going to start flaming at me saying I need an SSD, but I don't have one in this build because I was really focused on value for gaming and video editing. An SSD will help me load my OS and games faster, but the extra $150 could be spent elsewhere, such as the graphics card or cpu. I would've had to skimp out on one of these if I chose to have an SSD. I ended up getting a 3TB Seagate Barracuda, because I have a lot of junk to store on my computer, video files and games are huge, so I thought this hard drive would be a good choice. I have seen some reviews claiming that these HDD's have high failure rates, but mine has been going fine so far (fingers crossed).

from completed build First build! I7-5820K, GTX 970.

It's a hard drive. 3 TB for lots of music, pictures, and video. Maybe I'll add another one.

from completed build Old Betty

Have worked fine so far. I hear failure rates are through the proverbial roof though. We shall see...

from completed build Blackbird

Great HDD, highly recommend for people with large amount of data.

I've been using this HDD for mass storage in my workstation build and this is just a fantastic product. I have no idea at how they price it at only $100 or less!

from completed build fREd

Have had one of these 3TB Seagates for a year now and just bought the other. Has run just fine. They are mirrored now using Windows Storage Spaces. Figured that would be easier than doing backups. As a side note, if you do a system re-install don't worry about your Storage Spaces drive as Windows picks it back up automatically right where you left off.

This HDD was purchased several months after the Birth Date. I selected this HDD because of the capacity and price. This was being sold on Amazon for only $70! I definitely had to snag this one for the price. I never had any issues when installing and partitioning it. It was easy as 1, 2, 3.