Very happy with my build right now. first time I've played games in over 3 months so its been a lot of fun. CPU is just auto overclocked, I don't plan on manually doing it, same with ram, and GPU I plan to overclock a little bit but not by much.

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very happy with my CPU, i have it auto overclocked at 4.03, haven't checked temps yet because I've been to distracted. Normally its only around 30% usage when i have a game running in the background but I haven't checked it with a more demanding game like GTA V. Overall a very good CPU.

CPU Cooler

over all a really good AIO, easy install.


very nice MB, bios is easy for new people to use and easy to navigate. works great with my ram and cpu. and looks really nice in my opinion.


if your not obsessed with RGB this is great ram, currently running at the rated 3200 with xpm enabled.


not really much to write about, its just fast stoage, no issues with it and i also cant see it in my build so no visual issues either, but if you have a MB with no m.2 shield then it might stand out unless you have a white build.

Video Card

very nice GPU, fans are very quiet, RGB is simple havent tired to change it but i do like the base set for RGB. I havent overclocked it yet but I plan to in the futuer eventually. destroys any game I give it, however it does seem to run slightly warm becasue the fans are only suppoused to turn on at 60C, and even with simple games to run the turn on after about 10 min, not that big of an issue and i havent actually checked the temps but its something to note.


over all a good case, some what limits GPU options because of how small it is, also making it slightly hard to build in, also the front case fans that come pre-installed are not loud but deffinetly audable without a headset on(not sure about with headset / over microphone.

Power Supply

works well, easy install other than in my case because of how small the case is. PSU itself is fine however, i did get a bit to small of a watt PSU for my pc because my gpu is recommended a minimum 650 watt ad thats what i have, probably should have gotten a 750 or 800 watt.


great monitor, very customizable with picture display. been using it for a year and the only downside is that some of the menu can be hard to understand as there is very little description in the menu of what some things actaully do, minor issue that doesnt really bother me.


personally i love it but it may be way to clacky for some people. if you want a keyboard on the quieter side this definetly isnt for you. now that ive been using it for a week or so now, it is very nice and i actaully hate using any other keyboard that ive touched so far.


very nice mouse, you may think it has to many side buttons but they help out alot actaully, only issue is you cant change the RGB colors on it but it looks nice anyway.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 1 point

Really like the build man! I have one question about the gpu though, are you sure that you can change the colors of the rgb? Because so far i've only seen pictures with it set to blue and pink.

  • 22 days ago
  • 1 point

If I downloaded asus aura sync I could but I haven’t gone through the trouble yet

  • 1 month ago
  • 1 point

How did you connect RGB? AIO and case fans separately? or through the RGB HUB that comes with the case?

  • 22 days ago
  • 1 point

Yes I have all 6 fans on the one hub