This is my first build (I had 3 PCs previously, but none of them was build by me - on some of them I choose some parts, such as CPU and GPU). Some parts are truly overkill for this kind of PC, but that's what I wanted.

As the time goes by, I decided that I needed my dream computer, something that I must work hard for, but without compromises. This build started on May, 2018, and by February, 2020 I was able to finish this (22/02/2020 - or 04/04/2020, if we consider the date when the last part arrived - the correct bracket for X62 AIO). At beginning, I wanted a beautiful, powerful and big system, and almost bought the H700i tower. But when I discovered the ITX form factor - I was a completely newbie back then - I saw it could be a game changer for me. A small (relatively), powerful and beautiful costruction, just like a "Pocket-rocket". For PCs, I always went with AMD, from Sempron to Phenom and then, FX-series (this one I got in 2015), and they almost always delivered good performance for a fair cost (not exactly the case of FX8350 back then...), and at that time, watching AMD lose so much market to Intel products wasn't good - not against the blue team, they make great products, but I never found the price for them to be "honest", at least in my country. We needed more competition, and that's what we've got. So, back in 2016, we had rumors and new about a new architecture, called "Zen", and that it could turn the tables for AMD, and when the first generation released in 2017, I was really impressed. not because Intel was still dominant, but for AMD's such comeback, and hearing rumors of a 7nm CPU which would delivery more performance while using less power and producing less heat, I decided to wait and see - the best CPU for money would be mine (considering productivity and gaming), either Intel or AMD. At July, 2019, we received the 3rd gen Ryzen, and by getting a discount on mine by September of that year, the decision was made - the 3700X "normal" cost here was about R$1799,00 (about 440USD back then), while the Intel i9 9900K (direct competitor IMO, considering overall performance, price and specs) was about R$2899,00 (about 710USD), and I got my 3700X for "only" R$1399,00 (342 USD).

For graphics card, I waited for a cheap (and good) NVidia GPU, but it never happened here. As with the release of RTX series, the old GTX disappeared from stores, and the new cards were too expensive. For example, the RX 5700XT can be found for around 410 USD, when RTX 2070 Super costs at least 540 USD here. This time, I really wanted the green GPU, but IMHO, the performance using RTX resources is trash - I play on 1440p, and wouldn't get 60FPS on some games - and the normal performance, yes, I would like to spend less and have 10% less overall performance. Remember that I said it was a no compromised build? I never said it was a no-brainer. Plus, I always wanted to have a "reference" model (that's why I got it), and the manufactures did not bring them for RTX series in my country. So I just waited few months since release for an Asus-made card, and I have to say, it is loud and hot, only if you do not adjust it properly. Yes, of course a custom card would be quieter, but I wanted a good combination between aesthetics and performance - and I really like the design of blower cards, aswell this "closed" style.

About the case, it is very well build, and very good space. I only recommend here to use as less cables as you can. I decided to make a system full of RGB and stuff, and ended up with lots of cables those which I cannot manage properly - considering the space for them is shared with Hue+ controller and USB Hub. Sorry for this crap cable management, but I will use less RGB next time. I also strongly recommend a SFX PSU, and sleeved cables (the stock Corsair cables are too stiff, which makes it a bit hard to route properly around things).

About cooling, in the 3rd picture you can see the original AM4 bracket (which still comes with X62), and and in the 9th picture, the correct AM4 bracket, providing enough pressure and not damaging the contact surface. The X62 is more than enough for overclock (and maybe I will do), besides the good build and looks.

So, that's it, the "Mriya" is done. Total cost was about 3.913,99 USD, due to taxes and conversion rates. Yeah, pretty expensive, but unlike our dreams, this is real.

Part Reviews


Powerful, cold. A great value CPU, delivering fair performance on productivity and gaming. If you can get it by now, it's worth it, but if you get a discount, just go ahead and buy it!

CPU Cooler

Very efficient. YES, it does fit on H200/H210 chassis, and IMHO it is the perfect choice if you plan on future tweaks on your CPU. If you're using this one with an AMD CPU, ask for the AM4 bracket (the one which comes on Rev2 is still a 2-point support, which is hard to install (risk to damage the contact surface) aswell does not provide enough pressure.


Unlike some reviews say, I think the temperatures on this board are good, and the fan isn't too noisy, specially if you enable "silent" profile on BIOS. They could definitely put more USB ports instead of 2 HDMI...


Very well built, but not worth the RGB-ish price. Anyway, 32GB will be the future sweet spot for productivity.


Not really that fast on normal tasks compared to a SATA SSD, but worth it when you consider space and other tasks which requires a higher write speed.


Good, easy to install, the capacity is ideal for some actual games.

Video Card

Powerful, loud and hot. Still can be adjusted by Readeon software, which solves overheating problems, and with maximum fan speed set to 45%, it is fairly quiet (not as we wished it to be). If you want overclock or a quieter system, definitely get the custom models. IMO, the reference model looks great (as they usually do).


Very well build, and with the right components (such as a SFX PSU) the cable management should be easy.


It is not cheap, but the performance and quality delivered are just great. By the way, the 155Hz refresh rate is an overclock from stock 144hz (which is not needed, IMO). The "normal" look is perfect for someone who wants their gaming rig to looks like a normal office.


Sould quality is good, and the battery life is just insane. The microphone could be better, but I will not take off one star considering it's price and other atributes.

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You sound like a no-nonsense down to earth patient guy that's not obsessed with instant gratification. Much respect.

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As people say, you may enjoy your destiny, but pay attention to the path because it can bring you moments you never imagined. Thanks for recognition, it is considerably hard to build these things in some countries. Parts here are things that appear for 1-2 months and they're gone, so I always had to save money and take the opportunities that show up.

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