Mainly for competitive gaming and web browsing. It works great and I get 144+ FPS on most games at low/medium settings.

Temps are great and I will probably overclock to around 4 ghz. The Wraith Spire is very quiet and runs great, I almost never hear it even with no headphones or audio playing.

All the parts other than RAM, MOBO, CPU, and Case are from an older “mcguyver” build. Basically an optiplex I slammed a 1070 in. It worked but the bottleneck was real. I also had to angle grind the hard drive caddy out of the optiplex case to fit it in so there’s that.

I will add pictures and temps shortly.

Part Reviews


I’m gonna add a review in a few days cause I want to get a feel for how much I can OC this and base the review on that.

EDIT: Okay so I was able to get it up to 4.1 at 1.4v so I would say that’s pretty decent.


I messed up on the part list thing. I actually have a Prime B450 Plus which is also good, maybe a little weaker than the listed one at OC’ing but it’s good.


Fits color scheme and is OC’able, Ryzen feeds on fast RAM so I would recommend going to around 3200-3400 on this.

Video Card

Very very nice card, temps are insane and it’s so quiet. Obviously very powerful and does 1080p 144fps very well.


Very preety and clean. Minimalistic design and easy cable management. If you don’t want a window then I would recommend the 200r because this doesn’t look great with the solid panel.

Power Supply

No issues, not modular but other than that great.


Literally nothing to complain about. Display port, 144hz, 1ms response time, and only 200 bones.


Very good key presses and the media buttons are very useful. Not much else to say other than that. Key switches are personal preference.


Best sensor I’ve used, great buttons, and fits my hand style/grip style very well.


Very good audio quality and good mic for the price. Reasonably comfortable but I would recommend the improved ear cuffs offered by Razer.

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That Asus B450 Prime might choke on heavier overclocks with the 2700. Just something to look out for is the VRM temps.

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Yea I could only go up to 3.9 on it.

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ight bro

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me goat

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