This is my first submission for a build, my brother and sister needed new pc's so after time and talking to my mom she finally agreed to allowing me to put them together a rig for a cheaper value then buying HP OEM's as HP has went to crap lately (my younger sister got a pc last year and it crapped out 3 months later, over heating etc. On top of that had no graphics card.) I had a $700 CDN budget per PC. This is what I've put together after researching a good bit.

This machine will be purely used for gaming.

But here's my younger brothers build since his favorite color is blue.

The entire budget came up to exactly about $700, most of the parts were on sale that's tax included. But without it, it was 659.

On a side note, excuse the crappy cable management. This was my first time ever doing cable management.

Part Reviews


The reason I chose a Ryzen 1200, is for starters the price, it was relatively cheap but had great performance for most mid to high setting's on games. For the price to performance I can't really argue with it.


Works fantastic, I've had no problems with either builds now obviously I won't allow them to overclock with a stock cooler so I wasn't looking for anything too over high end with over clocking what so ever. It holds a max of 32 GB's but I only put 8 for now as they don't play anything too high end.


I should of probably got some better memory, but this one was onsale for a reasonable price as I got it in a Newegg bundle (Mobo, CPU, and Ram) for $300 Canadian.


I went with Western Digital as it was onsale at the time so I ordered it, so far no problems or arguments about it.

Video Card

At the time this card was on sale for 209.99 for amazon which normally runs for 239.99, so for the price for a budget build I couldn't argue especially with 4 GB of DDR5 video memory, it doesn't run too hot under load, and works perfect for this build.


I loved this case, I ordered two (ones red, ones blue) my only complaint is the blue one's glass doesn't look great, as I thought it was like the red one. But no big deal! On the downside, the red LED was half working (I mean the actual light)

Power Supply

Works great, only down side no power switch on the back, but not a big deal. Just a warning to anyone else.


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Looks nice. I might be doing a similar thing for siblings soon, with nearly the same parts!

  • 25 months ago
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Thanks! It's definitely a worth it build for a budget build, I was originally going to put a Ryzen 1500 but since there was a budget it would of been abit over!

  • 24 months ago
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Only problem I have is power supply it's good to usually get an 80+ bronze rating or some similar rating. Also does the ram work well? it says it's for Intel chip sets but I figured it would work with ryzen to.

  • 24 months ago
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I do recommend getting an 80+ for sure, but this was just a budget build, but this one fit the budget more or less.

The ram works awesome, gets great performance they are able to hold World of Warcraft max settings at 40-50 fps 1080p. I really have no complaints as of yet. All work great! :)

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So Im assuming since you bought the bundle (MOBO, RAM, and CPU) that the RAM works fine with everything? I have this G. skill memory and tried it in a couple of different MOBO's with none seeming to accept it. Also when I look online at this particular MOBO (ASUS Prime A320M-K AMD) the memory list does not have this listed anywhere on it. Im trying to do a very similar build to this but want to find a good MOBO that will work with the RAM i already have before I buy it.

  • 23 months ago
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Yes it worked find for my ram, just be sure your putting it in the proper dim slot! originally it wouldn't boot if it was in Dim Slot B, I had to put it in Dim slot A, so if it doesn't work just read the manual to your mobo quickly!

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Awesome! thanks for the heads up! I just ordered the parts for that PC so Ill be posting it once completed!

  • 22 months ago
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Good luck, lemme know how it goes!