If you want to get into PC gaming then i recommend this. It does very well on modern titles with at least 60 FPS. The most demanding titles like Crisis 3 is around 30, like a console. I included a keyboard,mouse,Monitor, and wireless Internet card(You can remove the card if your using a wire) because I wanted to stay true to it's price. The parts I didn't include is the OS because it's your choice. I didn't know any good headphones or speaker so you stuck there too.

Things to upgrade for better performance

Note: Find out the watts in case you need to upgrade the power supply

1.A better CPU(the CPU is fine however you could experience a little bottlenecking) 2. A better CPU cooler(this will keep the temperature of your PC at a low which is VERY important if you want to upgrade later on) 3. graphic card(Gtx 1060 is a great point, all the other higher I would consider elite level) 4. wired Internet(its the best option for PC and console to have a wired Internet) 5. RAM(8g is good for gaming but for other thing like video processing and other work stuff you might need more[16g would work]) 6. processor(the processor works fine but for that 3-5 more FPS you might want a i5) 7. mouse and keyboard(while the keyboard and mouse are reliable you can upgrade them to a higher level) 8. DUAL MONITORS(because why not)

Part Reviews


Works well and so far it hasn't bottleneck me with my gtx 1050.


Works very well for its price, I have no complaints so far.


Basic memory that is very reliable.


Very good hard drive for almost anything.

Video Card

I love this graphic card, It's perfect for almost any game but don't go all VR on this one.


Cheap and effective case, amazing build quality for this cheap of a case.

Power Supply

works great :) I have no complaints on this one.

Wireless Network Adapter

cheap and very good, I use it for gaming and it works better than the one in my laptop. I can't really see its true potential though because it's currently restricted to my router.


Needs to be a little cheaper but very good 1080p monitor.


Working great so far, I love this keyboard with it's pretty lights.

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  • 34 months ago
  • 3 points

I would suggest a g4560 it is a couple of dollars more, but it has hyperthreading to act as if it had 4 cores. I think it is a pretty good idea to spend an extra $2 to have hyperthreading.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

I would go for maybe just a 350 watt psu to upgrade the graphics card if you want to because 500 watts is a bit overkill for this build.

  • 33 months ago
  • 1 point

True but you should plan to upgrade in the future and 500W is enough for a gtx 1060 and a i5.

[comment deleted by staff]
  • 32 months ago
  • 1 point

I took that picture on my now dead laptop :)

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Did the monitor come with an HDMI cable?