I decided to upgrade my PC because of the great prices on Ryzen 2nd gen with the release of 3rd Gen. It made more sense to purchase the Ryzen 7 2700 at £159.99 when it was on sale rather than the ryzen 5 3600 at £199.99 and just over clock it. I also upgraded the motherboard from a Gigabyte B450M DS3H to the X470 mainly for more features and overclocking head room. The motherboard did come with some querks the XMP profile for some reason stops Windows 10 from using one stick of RAM in duel channel mode. It's easily fixed just enter your RAM speed manualy in the bios and it's fine. I also found there seems to be no voltage control for the CPU in the bios this was quite annoying as the point was to overclock the 2700 and if you just change the core clock in the bios the machine stays at the default 1.08v and the pc will just crash. The only way I found to get round this was to just overclock in ryzen master where you can adjust the voltage. I have a stable overclock of 3.9ghz on all cores with a voltage of 1.32v. I think this could easily be pushed to 4ghz even 4.1ghz on water but the silicone lottery was not in my favour this time. I also have increased my storage changing my boot drive from an M.2 240gb ssd to an NVME 500gb M.2 ssd and added an editional 480gb ssd for my steam library. I also repurposed an old 64gb ssd and used it as a tiered cache for my 1tb HDD using AMD's StoreMi software. This was a realy enjoyable upgrade and is doing everything I want as a Gaming and video/picture editing rig.

Part Reviews


Amazing processor for the money especially if you are lucky enough to get it on sale.

CPU Cooler

Quiet looks great one of the easiest after market coolers to install would have liked the cooling stack to have been black though. Cooling definitley comprable to the Hyper 212 rgb Black.


A lot of features and a good price for an X470 motherboard and it looks good a few querks though and maybe a bios update from gigabyte may solve these soon.


Great product works brilliantly looks amazing and I think there design is neutral enough to fit in most builds.


Surprisingly good for a brand I had never heard of before and it works very well.


Really good product I have my OS on this drive and it is blisteringly quick.


Does what it says on the tin what more can I say!

Video Card

A great budget card to get you into ray tracing if you budget is under the £450 mark. And it is easily oveclockable I managed to get a 200mhz overclock on a base clock of 1620mhz with no trouble get temps in the mid to high 60s°c.


This is a great case even today easy to build in good quality and looks brilliant and for under £60 one of the best budget cases on the market.

Operating System

It's Windows 10 enough said!


Great looking 1080p screen good picture quality.


Great PSU quiet energy efficient and being semi modular very easy to install.

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