OK so at the times I didn't know how to build PCs I built a machine with R5 1600 and RX460 with 8GB 2133 MHz RAM.
MADWOLF 1.0 was born.

Then I researched that there was 75% bottleneck. I was desperate because I had no more money to spend on it. It was a garbage pc, having 20FPS on low settings in many AAA games.

My pc had some upgrades like case fans, a new case, and thermal paste. Then it was MADWOLF 1.1
Those weren't enough tho.

I still felt like It could do better than ever. As my birthday present, I desperately wanted an RTX 2080. Now that's what I call a big present.

It arrived. MADWOLF 2.0 intensifies.

I installed it, set the drivers up, and fired some games up. When I was playing fortnite, the pc suddenly crashed with a smell. I thought the GPU had broken into half because I was just hitting my mousepad when the pc crashed, and the GPU sag caused it to crack in half. Thank god it was just the PSU not being able to supply the adequate power to the power hungry RTX 2080 and its powerful 3.1K RPM fans.

Bought a new PSU. Now MADWOLF 2.1.

Fired it up. Then my mom walked in with a My Little Pony toy and said Happy Birthday I said WTH mom and when I was just about to give it back I saw the extra 8GB RAM module. I was surprised. It evolved into the MADWOLF 2.2

Now, my PC is the MADWOLF 2.3 with the new LG monitor.

I'm 15yo and I'm a pc building enthusiast and run an e-commerce business on it, based and active in Turkey. This pc has been to a lot, even being a desk mounted one.

This rig is mainly for gaming and editing. Everyone knows what beast kind of a machine like this can do.
So, here are the cant's.

Now this setup of course lacks some things.

  • I can't get audio out of the motherboard. I have to use a USB to mic-hp adapter.
  • My thermals currently suck, due to my money being all spent as support to the 2080's purchase, I have only 2 case fans.
  • My 2 sata cables are odds, red cables, and one of them are very short that it messes my cable management up.
  • My current cable management also sucks due to the constant reassembly of the pc because of upgrades.
  • One of my 2.5 inch old laptop's hdd is malfunctioning and it makes weird noises. Currently unplugged.
  • WD MyCloud NAS is currently unplugged due to hardware problems at its HDD inside.
  • GPU makes a buzz and crackling sound in the first 10 minutes of hot loads. It's possibly the VRMs or the backplate expanding.

Here are the good ones:

  • System is extremely cool under medium loads like Fortnite on 1440x1080. Goes up to 65 in GTA V Redux.
  • DLSS enabled games work without drops unlike RayTracing enabled ones.
  • The video card has a Type - C video output which enables me to use portable monitors, even the case is a full size tower, lol.
  • The Ryzen 5 makes me able to stream and game at the same time thanks to the number of core and threads.
  • GDesign programs like AI, PS, Vegas, AE, LR, and others work flawlessly again thanks to the R5 and the RTX 2080.

I slightly underclock the GPU since there's a 10.76% bottleneck. It goes down to 5.2 without impairing the performance.

I definetly reccomend this combo, or 2070 with the R5. Thanks for reading. I will update the page and add more details every time when there's an upgrade.

Udgrades Im Looking Forward To :

  • More Fans, RGB if possible
  • Corsair 280X
  • RGB RAM Heatsinks
  • EVGA Powerlink
  • CPU Cooler
  • New, better PSU

Part Reviews


Perfect CPU and stays cool enought to not to fry itself under any workload even with the stock cooler. Streams well, plays and edits well. Pairs good with RTX 2070-80 so yeah i recommend it.


Motherboard. MSI. With red LEDs. Fine enough, EZ bios, easy to OC. Had some problems with sound dirvers, and the placement of some connectors is messed up, but it works, yeah.


"ey, i need the cheapest 8x2GB ram, is this it?"


WTFast! Small capacity but stores Fortnite, win10 and many programs and launches them fast!


The only HDD i didnt have any problems with yet. You cant fill the drive, but barely catches up with other HDDs in speed, duh.


oh WD, what have you done? This thing is noisy and gets hot, and when the pc goes to sleep it force shuts itself down! Poor guy.

Video Card

"EVGA has joined the Beastmaking game."
More than enough. Nothing to say.
Nice RGB btw!

Power Supply

ey man my PSU just burned while trynna power my RTX2080 you have a new cheap one which is durable?

Operating System

Windows Update is working. Don't turn off your computer.


3 years with this and still a beast, enough macro keys and changable dpi and all that stuff. Lights available!


Beast speakers, has a mic and headphone input, perfect or desks like mine!


Perfect chorma enabled mouspad, hasn't worn off even a bit over yars and years of usage. However, go buy a Steelseries QcK Prism. Cheaper and better.

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  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

that psu looks sketchy as hell. wouldn't trust it with this kind of hardware

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

It doesn't look sketchy to me, just lacking features

[comment deleted]
  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

I definetly agree Lemmingslayer, but the night the old PSU failed and i had to by a new one, i had to buy the cheapest one i could find. So i'll change the PSU when i can. Thanks for advises, guys!

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Understandable. Just looked really sketchy with the colored cables, haswell ready, and not having any 80+ certification.

  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

10/10 Description

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point


  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

Last gen ryzen 5 and a 2080. Do u have bottlenecking on the gpu?

  • 14 months ago
  • 1 point

As I have written in the description, I slightly underclock the GPU to decrease the 10.76% bottleneck to down to ~5%. and unlike the Intel cpus' performance differences,performance doesn't differ THAT much in ryzens. So don't underestimate the previous gen ryzens,