My new budget gaming PC. Also my first ever build. It was honestly a nightmare! First FedEx lsent my parts to Tue wrong city. Then I wound up with bad Gigabyte Motherboard with bent pins in the CPU socket. Also DOA RAM! So a trip to Fry's later, and replacing the faulty parts from Newegg. (Never buying from there again)

Haven't gotten my internet yet so the only thing I've played at the moment was Command and Conquer three which don't even phase it even during the most rediculos battles.

Glad to be back to PC gaming though.

Part Reviews


Wasn't the processor I was originally gonna buy. But I'm happy with it so far does what I need it to do


Decent layout for a cheap board. Dies what it should. The red LED under the board were nice and fit my theme. The little EZ diagnostic light is also nice.


It's RAM. Does the RAM thing


Still one of the best mechanical drives I've ever owned. My old one is also installed its been going for 5 years

Video Card

Haven't had an AMD card in ages but this one seems good so far. I'll update when I actually put it through a new game and not just CnC 3


Case looks great. The drive area was super cramped. It was really hard to plug everything into the PSU. Cable management is decent. Mine looks like his noodleyness live inside that's because I'm lazy.

Case Fan

Looks great can't even hear them. The only noise from my case is when Tue Optical drive is running.


Only gripe with this is the lights on the keyboard won't turn on on boot so I'm basically stuck with permanent scroll lock.


I'm no audiophile or anything but this is by far the best sounding set of headphones I've ever owned in this price range. Haven't tested the Mic yet will update when I do


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Nice Build, how's the Pentium and Rx 470 working together? I'm building something similar but with an rx 480, and I want to know how it runs, like I said though nice build. +1

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Alright so far I've only had one driver issue and that was with world of tanks battlefield 1 and other high end games have been running very well at high/ultra with 60 fps.only issue i had was with world of tanks at it was something to do with trees.

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Cool :D

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Its been a little while now... how is the CPU doing? has the 8GB of memory been enough?

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i want to know too, im thinking of using this cpu for a friends budget gaming build.

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great 1080p pictures

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Good build, but you should invest in a new desk. It looks a bit cramped.

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On the one I bought yes. Haven't had any issue with The GPU yet. Haven't gotten my internet yet so it's only been tested on command and conquer 3 xD

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