I decided I needed a new machine to replace my last desktop built in 2008. Some of the components on this build (monitors, keyboard, speakers, & headset) are being reused.

At first I was considering creating a smaller gaming PC and a separate NAS. As I read more about how PLEX can have trouble trans-coding on most NASs', I decide to integrate to an all-in-one solution.

Initial goals: * X99 Platform with most economic processor for overclocking * Ample storage in a raid * SSD * SLI * Extremely quiet *4k Capable

Revised goals: *4k Up-gradable when the technology matures. I wasn't sold that it was the time to jump to 4k yet. As such I settled on a single GTX 970 and didn't upgrade my monitors. The 970 will handle just fine at either 1900x1080 or 1900x1200 resolutions.

*M.2 SSD - much faster than traditional SSD's

*Test out Windows "Storage Spaces" for raid solution

Install Notes: The biggest oversight that I had was the size of my CPU cooler. This thing is an absolute beast. I had to remove the rear fan and downgrade to a smaller 120mm fan, as well as remove all the vents at the top of the case to secure it. Once it was in the rest of the components went in smoothly but I feel like I screwed up a bit with this cooler. I probably would have gone with a nocula to achieve my silent build in retrospect.

M.2 Performance is amazing! I can't wait to get an even bigger M.2 Drive once prices drop a little bit.

Windows storage spaces works really well. It only took about 10 minutes to set up and I ended up with aprox 12.1 TB of usable space. I did set it up to mimic raid 5 conditions - so I get speed and parity. That being said, I will be adding 3 more drives to it in June as my storage needs were a bit underestimated.

Overclock - Used Asus's tool to achieve stable 4.6Ghz. Very happy.

I will update this to address questions and comments as time goes by. I will also add more photos periodically or upon request.

Overall I am very pleased with the results so far.

Update 12/8/2015

Holiday Upgrades - Pictures to follow

Added another Asus 970 Strix Card (SLI time!)

Added another 16GB Corsair Venence LPX - same modules just red version

Added Samsung Evo 850 SSD for games drive, M.2 drive starting to fill up

Added 3X Hitachi Deskstar Nas drives. Total of 8 now, the max the case can handle

Added Asus ROG Swift PG278q Montior

Added Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit

Replaced Altec Lansing speakers with Corsair SP2500 System

All on board Sata ports are now used. I have 1 remaining SSD slot open behind the mother board. I will be increasing my windows storage spaces pool (with parity) which I use for media to aprox 20 TB after the new year. I have to move my data off of it in order to reformat with larger sector sizes.

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  • 61 months ago
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Dirty, greasy piss jugs everywhere.


  • 61 months ago
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  • 62 months ago
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How is it with the radiator up top? Noisy/dust accumulation?

  • 61 months ago
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still fairly silent. I use my dust vac on the whole computer about once a month, never a problem.

  • 39 months ago
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Samsquantch build...Decent!