[Aug. 9, 2016]

The boys are back in town!

This build isn't anything special.

The Disaster:

Back in April, I was working on a few projects. I mostly do Art/Animation stuff. It was an odd vibey morning when it all happened. My old computer of choice was a Microsoft Surface pro rt and it's done me good these past few years. That morning though, it randomly failed on me. Froze on me and i tried my best to scavenge it up until it wouldnt even open. I think either it was the cpu or storage but regardless I was computerless.

Moving on:

Those few months I disappointed a lot of people and at the time couldn't afford a new computer. So I spent the next months planning for a comeback. I would constantly lurk on r/buildapc until I had the necessary confidence to order everything. whats funny is the budget went from $1600 to $900

[Feb. 25, 2017]

Bought a few things to up this thing a bit. This did it's job and i could definitely tell a difference when i'd render things like videos. Current build is obviously more superior to old set up though i'm very likely to upgrade my gpu and cpu in the near future. Games ran great and i've seen no issues. (Mad Max was consistent though where a heavily modded skyrim constantly saw issues due to ENB). This was great for half a year so far but i'm probably going to upgrade again around say August-January.

Part Reviews


Think I have a faulty one? Regardless this was okay for regular use but at times felt like it came short depending on what I was doing.


Wish I'd gotten the MORTAR board instead, better LEDs and the BIOS is eh.


Can't tell if this is good or not. Not sure how people judge ram.


Good performance but will likely see how the samsung brand suits me.

By the way, 240gb is a bit excessive for a OS drive.


These are really useful considering that you don't need to go all out with all SSD. Still have a **** ton of storage and I fill these up a lot usually.

Video Card

Heats up alot but not too easily. Really Loud underload. For most games they all run fine but this can vary. I haven't had a game yet where I don't get high fps. Barely clockable.

This is my loudest component.

Will likely upgrade in the future.


The case is good and not so bad to build in. Decent ventilation and everything though personally this feels too big. Would rather get a microatx case in the future. Especially note that if you plan on traveling soon.

Power Supply

Decent PSU but don't buy NonModular Power supplies. It's like asking to have a hard time when building.

Operating System

aesthetic over function

Wireless Network Adapter

I've never had issue with connectivity. Pretty reliable as well.

Case Fan

Pushes a lot of air while staying quiet. Though the led wasn't bright in the way i'd hope. Plan on replacing all stock case fans soon with these.


Great monitor for the price though it would've been nice to at least package a dvi cable.


Good LED's Though some colors aren't as bright as others. Red or Purple leaves the case somewhat dark while light-blue/white is very blinding. Also this was tough to set up for some reason. Still a good product.


connection is weak since my screen flickers alot which can screw up me playing games. Though i've been emailed about getting a replacement so I might change said review.


Great program, went from using several programs to just since since it helps perform a significant amount functions.

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  • 36 months ago
  • 2 points

not bad. good price on RX 470. sad though it being so loud.

  • 36 months ago
  • 1 point

honestly $30-40 more on a 480 might've made a decent difference

  • 35 months ago
  • 2 points

90 degrees on the GPU?!!????!

  • 34 months ago
  • 2 points

yup, and gets somewhat loud. Selling mine for a 1070.