I wanna build a Smaller build and I wanted it to pack a punch also So I started to search for deals for parts letgo, Craigslist, Offer up Micro Center Discounted Parts Facebook Marketplace

So let's start off with the Ryzen 2600 I found this gem brand new on FB marketplace I had to get the person down from 160.00 to 105.00 by buying it that day

The CPU Cooler this was easy I bought it from Micro Center

The Mobo I bought with another processor from Micro Center as a Bundle and built another pc for a client with the Ryzen 5 1600

The Ram was on sale from Micro Center Had to grab the kit up quickly

The M.2 was on Sale from Micro Center also

The two three TB HDD I had on hand from my Ryzen 7 1700x Build I sold

Now We get to the best of a card the RTX 2070 I had to look around and found one brand new on FB Marketplace and it was a two-slot card it was calling my name Like come get me you fool so I had to talk him down from 500 to 430

The Case was a good buy from Micro Center Open Box Had to Have it

Now you're going to ask me how I got a Beast of a PSU for 90.00 and It was Brand New The person Had to pay their rent so I bought it for a discounted rate. The Fans were speaking to me at Micro Center So I had to add them the Build

Custom PSU Shroud in the works now The Cable Management is getting worked on also

My User benchmark


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I think due to the case being small and that beast of a PSU it was hard for this person to that

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u spend 1006.99 on pc please do a better job for that cable management!

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Due to the size of the build and the space in the case i will be doin cable extension in the future and a power supply shroud