I'm a full-time student now and I have stopped playing many video games. Here's a quick update of what happened to the old PC. If you want to see it, here is the link to my old build: Not bad for LGA1155

After I put the glass rocks in, my PC started radically overheating. My CPU would hit over 60 degrees celsius and my GPU would hit over 80 degrees celsius, even when my ambient temperature was under 16.
I wanted to try adding a different cooling method. Before I could, however, my motherboard and CPU died, ending the LGA1155 update. Sorry.

Current Build:

i7-4770K: People have said that I don't need an i7 for what I want to do and The i7 is unnecessary. To that I say, I agree with you. I was planning to use an i5-4570 that I use to use for testing LGA1150 motherboards. While I was shopping for other parts, however, I saw it listed for $150, which Is one of the lowest I've seen. I decided to message him and offer $110 and a pack of M&M's. To my surprise, he accepted.

Gigabyte GA-H1M-DS2V: I bought the motherboard before I saw the i7, otherwise I would have planned it better for overclocking. I bought it on E-bay for $52. Funny enough, it was an RMA from Newegg. It came with the paperwork and everything. It kind of worried me at first, but it seems fine.

HyperX Fury White 8GB: This was from my first PC build, Alexis, in 2015. I bought this with a 15% off coupon code from Jet. It still works the way I like it to, so there's really no need to get rid of it.

Storage (HDD/SSD): I bought the SSD in 2016 from Best Buy (It was on some sort of sale then). The two HDDs were from PCs that were donated to me. I'm thinking about swapping them with two (2GB) WD-Green HDDs, but I have not had any issues with storage.

Video Card: This was also from my first PC build, Alexis, in 2015. I asked advice for upgrading my build on the PCPP Discord. They suggested that I not upgrade my GPU because I will not be doing anything too graphically-intense. I agreed with them.

Case: When I first saw this case, I thought that it was beautiful. There was a mail-in-rebate on it, so I decided to go for it. I enjoyed building in this case miles more than my S340. I would give this case a strong recommendation.

PSU: There's nothing much to say about it. The cables look like spaghetti in my case, but it works well and there was a rebate. 10/10, would power again.

Who knows, maybe one day i'll drop $1500 on a PC and stare at it. THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

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  • 29 months ago
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Nice build using old parts.

  • 29 months ago
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+1 for a fellow cigar smoker.

Glass rocks... did I just miss it, or are there no pic's of that in the "not bad for LGA1155"?

  • 28 months ago
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I was going to post an updated build with the glass rocks and a couple of other pieces of hardware, but my MB died before I could finish it.

  • 29 months ago
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  • 27 months ago
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I feel stupid is is the last pic a BG or did you just causally lay down mid PUBG match and get a picture, lol. Either way it's a nice older PC. Just a random question if you do ever get around to see it, what are you studding, idk y I want to know just curious I guess.

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