This build is for 1080p gaming. I just recently upgraded to the 290X because my unlocked 6950 was beginning to show its age.

The main problem is that the power connector of my soundcard, a Xonar DX, keeps popping out of its Socket. It's a real pain to have to move the case repeatedly to re-install it.

Update 17/3/2014: I finally managed to fix the GPU sag. I used the Velcro cable ties that came with my PSU to form two rings as shown in the pictures. Then I fed a flexible wire through a screw hole on the GPU and looped it through the ring. By tightening the wire, I could control the card height. Unfortunately, The GPU cooler is still sagging. I also tried to fix the problem with the power connector of my Xonar DX using a generous length of insulating tape but the cable still moves around. The card works but the software still displays a power-related error. THREE more pictures were uploaded to further illustrate these tweaks

Update 15/2/2015: Just installed my new 850 Pro. Seems like a fast drive. I'm still using the Vertex 3 for my OS. Will switch to the 850 Pro when Windows 10 is released. From the AS SSD numbers. It seems like a very fast drive. I also edited the component cost to show the price at the time of purchase instead of current market value. I'm considering swapping one of the 3TB HDDs for a 4TB WD purple and upgrading to a 27" FreeSync monitor in the near future

Update 11/10/2015: Installed my new HyperX Savage. I originally planned to use it for my old Laptop. But I decided to replace my OCZ Vertex 3 MI and use that one for the laptop because the laptop is quite old and won't take advantage of the extra speed of the Savage drive. I also replaced one of the 3TB green drives with a 4TB black drive. I'll probably replace the GPU by the end of next year. I'm also expecting the delivery of my new monitor and optical mouse soon

Update 21/2/2016: I received my monitor last Wednesday. I has been inspected by Amazon to make sure that it's actually working this time. The sent me the monitor without its usual packaging but it survived the trip. The moitor turned out to have at least 1 confirmed dead pixel. The color accuracy of the IPS panel blows m old TN out of the water. Viewing angles are great too. FreeSync eliminates tearing between 35 and 90 fps.

The fans of my Arctic Accelero Xtreme III failed unexpectedly. And it will be at least three weeks before the replacement fans arrive. I needed a solution in the mean time so, I strapped a couple of Cooler Master Sickle Flow X fans to the heatsink using zip ties. The performance is almost indistinguishable from the arctic fans

Update: I received the replacement fan for my cooler and everything is back to normal. The power cable for my sound card was still moving around and causing the sound card to lose power. I removed the electical tape and just stuck a piece of paper under the floppy connector to hold it in place. It's been almost a week since I did this and the sound card hasn't lost power yet so this will hopefully be a permanent fix.

Update 10 May 16: I just bought my first mechanical keyboard, the logitech G710 (Not the Plus Version). It uses cherry MX blue switches. The experience has been very positive so far. The keys are very light and responsive compared to my membrane keyboard. You can really feel the actuation point which will hopefully make me learn no to bottom out the keys

Part Reviews


This is an incredible CPU. Bought it back in 2012 and haven't considered upgrading it since then. I run F@H which uses almost 100% of the CPU and yet I still have a very responsive system that I can use for web browsing and watching videos. I managed to get mine to 4.0 GHz with no voltage increase whatsoever.

CPU Cooler

Bought this cooler at the end of 2010 and it's still running flawlessly almost 5 years later. This speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of this cooler. It's rather noisy when the fans are running at higher RPM but it is so effective that the fans don't need to run that fast in order to enjoy great thermal performance. I used this for my AMD build and transferred it to this build. It worked exceptionally well in both builds.

Size is the only other con that I can think of. Make sure it will fit in your case before buying.

Thermal Compound

Solid thermal compound. Replace the stock thermal compound on my old 4870 and 6970 and it gave me good thermal performance. It's on par with the Arctic MX-4


Solid Motherboard. Never had any issues with it since 2012. I hear ASUS is terrible with RMA's and warranty. Gladly, I've never had to deal with them in person.


Great kit. Zero issues @ rated speeds


Solid drives, No issues after 3 years of use

Video Card

GREAT video card. AMD sure knows how to make a GPU. My only issue is the TERRIBLE reference cooler. Had to buy a custom cooler to be able to live with it. That's the only reason for a 4-star rating in addition to the noticeable coil whine when setting the fan to a low RPM.


This case is solid as a rock. I once slammed it face first into a wall and fell over it. I didn't have a single dent. That said, the absence of rubber feet make it very noisy when moved, it also transfers vibrations.

Power Supply

Great PSU with more wattage than I'll ever need right now. The only thing preventing it from being perfect is the stiff and thick cables which are an absolute nightmare to manage.

Sound Card

The sound of this card is PHENOMENAL. My only gripe is the pesky floppy power connector. When I switched to the Sennheiser HD598s, the sound quality improved even further. I absolutely can't go back to "normal" on-board audio.


This is a great monitor. The viewing angles are very wide, the finish is very good and the colors are so vibrant and natural compared to my 23" TN panel. The menu navigation is intuitive and easy to memorize but I wish it had the option to cycle throught the custom settings with a single button press like my previous monitor. The Freesync Range is also high at a minimum of 35FPS. The unbelievable thing is that this monitor doesn't automatically detect input signals which is weird for a monitor in this price range. ASUS quality control is as shoddy as ever and I actually received non-functioning monitor first but then I returned it and got another one that appears to be working just fine so far


This is my first mechanical keyboard and its great .The keys are responsive, the build quality is definitely above average though not as high as some of the keyboards in its price range. NO RGB but that doesn't really bother me. The lighting is also no uniform for some of the larger keys but at least the white LEDs are actually white and not the pinkish, greenish or yellowish white that you get with most RGB keyboards. Only the 6 G-keys can be reassigned which isn't on par with some other keybaords that allow remapping of all keys but I'm still trying to think of macros to assign for the G-keys. It feels like it's going to last a very long time


Bought this mouse in 2011 and still can't bring myself to replace it. If I ever replace it, it will probably be with another ROCCAT product. The scroll wheel jitters was fixed by a few drops of WD40 and so was the double clicking issue. The right mouse button started to register double clicks too and I haven't been able to fix that, yet. But I was able to assign the right click function to the forward button.


They seem to have fixed the scroll wheel jitter in this model. The Optical Sensor does feel more accurate. Like the Kone [+] before it, this mouse is EXTREMELY comfortable to hold and the weight is just right for my hands. I use a palm grip most of the time and my hands don't hurt even after several hours of continuous use. The software is a bit sluggish but the customization options are plenty. The only gripe I have about this mouse is that the rubberized finish will wear out quickly and will leave the mouse looking ugly, especially if you have sweaty hands like me


Light, comfortable, great looking, and great sounding headphones

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  • 77 months ago
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Description? I love the surplus of pictures.

  • 77 months ago
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Cable management could be tidier, and holy GPU sag, Batman!

  • 77 months ago
  • 1 point

I've been worried about that sag for a while. I could either tie the card to the 5.25" bay or pull the card up by the 6&8-pin connectors. Which solution would you suggest

  • 77 months ago
  • 1 point

I'd suggest using the power cables to pull it up (feed them through the top grommet and tighten them to pull the card up).

  • 75 months ago
  • 1 point

I ended up using the 24-pin motherboard connector to support the GPU. I couldn't reroute the power cables because they were too short. Sadly, the cooler is still sagging

  • 77 months ago
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-1 no description

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

If you don't already know, you can fix your double clicking issue by retuning the spring inside the button, I've got a mouse from 2009 and it's still going strong with yearly retuning.

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Will Definitely try that. Thanks for the Advice

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