Sorry for the bad pictures, my room has bad lighting and I didn't feel like moving the pc somewhere else. (All prices are what I bought that item with including tax) This is my first time building a pc. I got this for my 14th birthday (Dec 19th)/Christmas. I built this over the course of 10 days. I first got the motherboard and CPU from Micro Center, it was pretty easy to put those together, but i did have a little trouble putting the cooler on, but I figured it out in a few minutes. After that I received my case, and I put the motherboard in it, I had some trouble putting it in because of the IO shield, but one I figured it out, it was pretty simple. One thing I definitely recommend is getting a magnetic screw driver, I didn't have one and it was a little hard getting the screws in the corners of the motherboard. After that I got my fans, these were the hardest thing to install for me because I didn't have a magnetic screw driver and you have to push the screw in pretty hard, so I got someone to hold the fan in for me while I screw it in. I also realized that I only has 3 fan headers, so I bought a fan splitter for one of them. Then I got my PSU and GPU, I installed the PSU, but not the GPU, because I had to install the M.2 SSD under the GPU. The PSU was pretty easy to install and cable management was super easy because the only wires i had to plug in were the motherboard, the CPU, the PCIe, and one SATA for the led strip that comes included with the case. Then I got my M.2 SSD, that was really easy to install, just put in the standoff, slot it in, then screw it down. Then I installed the GPU, pretty easy, but had a little trouble getting it in the case because of how big it is, so I had to put it in at an angle. The last thing that arrived was the RAM because it was back ordered, but it arrived the day after Christmas and took 10 days to arrive, which is not too bad, and it was really easy to install. The number one thing I would recommend is to get a magnetic screw driver as it will save a lot of time and frustration. As for the peripherals, I had all of them except the mouse before I built my pc, the mouse pad is great, it covers a lot of my desk and it tracks very well, I just wish they made it in different colors beside yellow. The headset is great, sound good and has 7.1 surround, which makes things really easy to hear in game, same as the mouse pad, I wish they made it in different colors, not only blue. The keyboard is really nice, it had great lighting features and macros with the software, at first I thought I didn't like red switches, but the more I use it the more I like it. The monitor looks good and its curved, I got it for $150 on black Friday, it originally was like $100 more. The mouse is really good, I can aim really well, at first when I got it, I thought it was too small, but that was only because my old mouse was huge, this mouse is really good and cheap. I tried overclocking the CPU and I got it to 3.9 GHz, but it was at 70-80 C and I didn't like that or need that, so I just down clocked it back to stock, but the Ryzen Master Overclocking tool is very easy to use. I also had some trouble with the Gigabyte Fusion RGB software and with Easy Anti Cheat, I could not play my games with the software downloaded, but it's fine because the lighting stayed at what I set it to, even after I uninstalled the software. As for frame rates I get 100-200 fps in Fortnite on epic everything except shadows. I occasionally stream Fortnite on my twitch channel at I would appreciate it if you checked me out and dropped a follow.

Part Reviews


Good CPU for gaming and streaming at the same time, I can stream 720p 30fps without any effect on game play and stream on 1080p 60fps while only losing 0-10 fps in game.


Good motherboard the wifi on it works very well, even though router is 2 floors under the pc. Quality is really good and I have had no issues with it. Only problem I had is that it only has 3 fan headers.


It's RAM, it's fast, only issue it that I had to go manually turn it up to 3000 from 2400, but that was really easy.


Fast storage for a cheap price, windows is fully booted in about 10 seconds.

Video Card

Good for 1080p 144hz, only thing I don't like about it is the yellow stripe on the back plate, but I can change all the led colors.


Solid case, looks good, very easy to cable manage.

Power Supply

Easy to cable manage because it's semi modular, not overkill, and I don't need to worry if it will blow up because it's from a know brand

Case Fan

The fans look a lot better in real life than in pictures, other than that, they are fans, but the corsair link app is absolute garbage and doesn't work, so they are being automatically controlled by my motherboard.


Looks good, is curved, monitor stand is solid, comes with HDMI and DP cord. At first I didn't notice the difference between 144hz and 60hz, but when I went back to a 60hz panel, it just didn't look right.


Best switched out there, has a lot of lighting effect/macro capabilities you can use with the software, and I love the TKL form factor.


Makes your aim better, lot of lighting effects, weight only 85g, I use it palm style and I have medium-large hands and it works great for the price.


Sounds great, has a great mic, 7.1 audio is amazing.


It's a mouse pad, a nice big one, with a ugly yellow stripe on the bottom.

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  • 14 months ago
  • 2 points

Good overall build, I would have recommended getting a 550w or higher just for futureproofing but good job.

  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

How is your psu affecting your performance? Does it effect it at all?

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Curious on how your ram works with your board. I have this ram and I'm getting this board as well.

  • 8 hours ago
  • 1 point

probably would have spent a little more to get maybe 500 or 550 watts on the psu

[comment deleted]