After a year of planning, my build is finally complete and I couldn't be happier!

Part Reviews


I don't plan to overclock which is what ultimately made me decide to get the non K version of this. I was originally going to get the 7700k for it's higher base clock, but decided the 7700 non k was more than enough for my uses. So far when using Lightroom and Photoshop I have noticed the performance increase compared to my old i5 ivy bridge, I had less issues with Cities Skylines too.

CPU Cooler

I won't lie, I really wanted an NZXT Kraken although I just couldn't justify the price. I live in an apartment that's always at 23 degrees Celsius so heat isn't much of an issue. The H7 so far has kept my CPU idling at 30c which is quite impressive imo.


There was quite a few different Z270 boards I was interested but this is the board that really had my attention. It has a decent amount of internal ports, looks great and is a reasonable price. The RGB lighting is a nice touch and I like how you can add items to it if you have a 3D printer.


I was originally going for G.Skill 2133 ram which was taking forever for my local store to get in. I noticed they had the Corsair Vengeance 2400 in stock so decided to order those, but 3000 LED ram ended up arriving and although it was $50 more, I was eager to get to building so I bought them.


This is my OS drive and I keep some programs on it like GTA V, LR and PS.


Being that the main use for this build is photo editing, I went with 2tb drives over 1 as a fail safe. I do have multiple backups of everything but I much rather have two separate drives rather than one partitioned drive.

Video Card

I was trying to decide between this and the Gigabyte G1 Gaming card and ended up with the Asus. My last GPU was from Asus which I had no issues with so decided to stick with Asus again for my 1070. This handles GTA V on ultra without breaking a sweat.


Ever since I first seen this case I fell in love. The PSU shroud is what I like best about this case as well as it's design, although the side window is a massive dust magnet.

Power Supply

I originally wanted the XFX XTR 650w but since it wasn't in stock, I went for this Corsair model as it's also listed as tier 1 psu. The fact that it's fully modular is great, although it's not as important in the Noctis 450 since it has the PSU shroud.

Case Fan

I love these fans! I wanted something with good performance that would be nice and quiet and these have definitely done the job well.


I've wanted a mechanical keyboard for so long and I finally settled on this one. The colors are really vibrant and I like the cherry red keys.


I didn't expect too much from these but I've been pleasantly surprised by how good they sound.

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Looks great!

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