This is my first build ever and it was very intimidating at first but I love the end result! This machine is used for gaming/mining & and everything else (my daily driver so to speak). I was cautious to build this for a long time because I didn't want to ruin expensive parts and blow my money but it all came together without any damage and I actually had a ton of fun building it. Thanks to this website and you all for all your help throughout the process.

Part Reviews


Got this CPU for $200 on Prime day. It's a beast, ESPECIALLY for the price! 'Nuff said.

CPU Cooler

Looks amazing and keeps my CPU ice cold! Haven't seen temps over 50 degrees even during stress tests.


Solid Motherboard, Excellent BIOS, good VRMs for heavy CPU load & overclocking.


I had no idea that I had to configure frequency and timings manually in order for the RAM to even perform as advertised. It performs as advertised now and nothing more. But it's really good looking so +1 star. ;)


Solid SSD. Bood/load times are really, really short (~3-5 seconds)

Video Card

This card overclocks up to 1700mHz with great stability. It's plays all of my games (Witcher 3, Civ VI, Stellaris, DotA) on ultra settings and high resolution at 60+ fps no problem. All for $230! I'll take that any day.


What a joy this case has been. I wish I installed the AIO AFTER cabling up my MoBo completely, but that was the only friction point during the entire build process. Tons of room for cable management, and the tempered glass looks awesome.

Power Supply

Does it's duty and does it quietly. Good quality PSU.

Case Fan

Silent as the grave and great RGB quality. Can't ask for anymore than that!

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I know this is a year later but was wondering how it went fitting the 280mm radiator on top and 140mm fans on the front? I currently have a similar setup and am going to be upgrading my 240mm aio to a 280mm aio and just wanted to make sure it could fit