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[First Build] Red/Black Cryogenic Gaming Build

by chavezgarrett7



Date Published

Jan. 8, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.3 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

40.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.241 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

45.0° C


Updated version with better pics coming 2/17/16

Pictures: I wish I got pictures while I was building, but I forgot. First two are in the dark to show off how bright the LED fans are, as well as the LED on the motherboard and GPU. The next two are in the light, just to show off how it looks. The last picture is the peripherals. My desk does have tape on it, because it is a little chipped and I don't want it to scratch my arm up. I did add my own stickers to the case and to the monitor just cause. Sorry for bad quality, my camera isn't great.

Story: When I got into pc gaming, I played on my brother's factory windows PC with low frames and only a gtx 770 supporting any game we played at the time. We always played on low settings and the monitor wasn't 1920 x 1080... I decided it was time for myself to upgrade to not only have my own personal computer, but something I can use to have all my games look great while maintaining a great fps count. I worked very hard to achieve the money I needed for this pc, and I know this is a budget build for some, but I started to save for this build when I was 15 with basically no job. A year later of savings, hard work, and part scouting, I finally had enough money to get exactly what I wanted and what I thought was going to be sufficient enough for playing the games at the settings I wanted to play at.

My Thoughts: I love my pc, but if I could go back in time, I would change three things: My memory sticks from DDR3 to DDR4, my gpu to an Intel i-5 4690k so I could OC, and my power supply to silver or gold. I spent a lot of time studying for the "major" parts of a pc, but I wish I looked into the memory sticks and power supply more so I could have been able to put those parts to better use than they are at right now. The gpu I bought early because I was excited to buy all my parts at that time instead of saving up for another week for a 4690k. Other than those small regrets, I love the performance of my pc. I plan to build on, especially cooling-wise for my gpu (because I still have the factory fan for it), but until then I have this beauty of machinery. I play all my games to the settings my GeForce Experience player tells me to, which is mainly Very High to Maxed settings for all my games I play, and I must say, going from my brother's old pc, to my pc was a huge upgrade not only for games but also speed. It awed me how the parts you pick have such a big effect on in-game fps and how the computer runs. Even my peripherals are a bit budgeted, and they work very well in my opinion. I am very happy with the performance my pc has provided to me so far, and I have no complaints for the parts I have because they all work to the abilities that are labeled on them. If I could say so, I would highly recommend building your own pc, so you can take in the experience and appreciation into putting the time of making your own pc. That's the only advice I'd give you to do when deciding whether to build it or buy it.

Note: In my opinion, as long as I don't lag from low fps then I am happy with the fps I have for my games. I have had no lag to any of my games because of fps for my build is able to keep most of the games I play above that lagging "point". I understand some of you get higher fps, but I am very appreciative of the fps I have here.

Games + FPS (High-Maxed settings):

CSGO [Maxed] | 200-250 FPS

BF4 [Very High] | 70-100 FPS

PlaneSide 2 [Very High] | 70-100 FPS

War Thunder [Very High] | 110-140 FPS

Arma 3 [Very High] | 40-70 FPS

UPDATE 2/14/16: -I put a stack of cardboard squares under each of the four pegs of the case giving me about a 2" lift from the carpet, so my psu isn't totally screwed. -Got a new headset :) -I updated from 8 GB of DDR3-1600 to 16 GB of DDR3-1866 Ram

Part Reviews

Video Card

I love this card! This Card is perfect for anyone wanting to have a budget build and still achieve max game-settings while keeping great FPS numbers. This was the last part of my build that I installed, and I must say, before this card was in my system, I had low settings with low frames. After installation, I was able to play on max settings on all my games with a huge FPS boost. The 4gb vram is a great bonus to my system that is insanely better than getting the regular 2gb card. This card exceeded my expectations, and is helping me enjoy the games I love to play more. I hope it will do this to you if you decide to buy it.


Very good looking case if you are on a budget and intend to upgrade in the future. This was my first ever case and I must say that I was able to keep my system very nice and cool with all of my fan mounts. A few things I wasn't happy with, was that the back-plate didn't have a lot of room for wire management, and there wasn't anything blocking the opening between the front panel and the back-plate. But I can't complain because it's a $50 case. The LED's are really cool if you plan to go with this color scheme and from my experience, there isn't a lot of scratching throughout the exterior case, even after a lot of moving for me.

Wired Network Adapter

It works as it says, but PLEASE check your motherboard before buying this to see if you already have an Ethernet connector on it. I was dumb and thought that this was a necessity when building my PC, but then later found out that I had a fully functioning Ethernet connect on my motherboard already, all I had to do was install a driver. Other than my own stupidity, this works just fine and while I used it, I had no problems.


I was excited to get this headset %60 off on the cyber monday sales, but was unhappy with the quality, mainly because I expected more... The drivers were easy to install and after some bass touch up I was able to get some nice audio quality. One really ANNOYING thing that I have to continually deal with is that if you put your computer in sleep mode and re-open it, you can only hear from one ear muff causing you to have to un-connect the cord and reconnect it... It's unnecessary and continually happens. I know it's the headset because none of the other headsets that I have had before have done this... To continue, sometimes the mic just randomly cuts out. For instance, when I was in ts with a friend, the mic will just stop working, which forces me to close ts un-plug my headset, where there afterwards I lose my audio to my game, and reconnect it. This headset is sometimes a really big hassel and I think I am going to look into a different headset. Be careful when buying this.

Comments Sorted by:

Inferno331 1 point 39 months ago

That card could easily handle ultra for bf4 btw

chavezgarrett7 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Yeah, the Geforce Experience puts most of the settings on ultra, but not all of them are maxed. I just put very high just cause.

mlach 4 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Put a board or box under your case. Psu is getting smothered.

Also, 2 things. To use DDR4 ram, you would need a Skylake cpu and a Z170 board to OC. Even with a 4690k, you'd still be stuck with DDR3. At best, with the parts you do have, you could go with faster rated ram up to 3200mhz.

ConorZura 1 Build 1 point 39 months ago

How is that thing getting any air at all

mlach 4 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Psu isn't getting much right now. The rest of the case looks as though its getting air in from the top fans.

chavezgarrett7 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Thanks for the tip. I'm kinda new to the PC world and appreciate any tips from anyone who seems more knowledgeable about this than me. Should I just get a higher grade DDR3 memory sticks?

mlach 4 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

No worries. Did you get your cpu from microcenter? If so, you may be able to exchange it for a 4690k for I think $20 or 30 more. That way, you'll have a cpu you can overclock. As for ram, the higher speeds aren't all that much more noticeable, but don't quote me on that. You can probably get 2100 or 2400 mhz for a few bucks more. Up to you how much you want to spend.

chavezgarrett7 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

I got it from outlet PC I think. I don't really remember. I just know I didn't get it from micro-center sadly :(

That_Guy7144 1 point 39 months ago

"budget build"..............

chavezgarrett7 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 39 months ago

Most people I know, and my friends as well, spend well over $2000 on PC's. This is a budget build because I used parts that were on the "cheaper" side but still gave me quality gaming. Most people are FPS "hungry," where as I just want high quality with a stable FPS count. It is kinda expensive to some, I'm going to take it off :/

jc980 1 point 39 months ago

Carpets are PSUs worst nemesis.