The Ocean Man is a gaming powerhouse without the highly expensive additions. I started this build a year ago and bought everything to be compatible with the Intel 8th gen pin-out, glad that I did. I'm not kidding when I say it's fast, ultra settings on most everything without overclocking. As my second build, it came out much nicer.

I got a good deal on a 1070 Ti which was over my budget but worth the extra 100. The motherboard is beautiful and has plenty of extra slots. Bringing everything together in the Phanteks Enthoo Evolve X case makes it look amazing. Lots of open room and great lighting. Makes me want to show it off to my other PC enthusiast friends.

Part Reviews


What a great looking motherboard, still looks new a year later. Installation is a breeze, everything fits perfectly. My only quip is that the stupid AURA Sync software is garbage and you can't change the LED color for sleep mode, which sucks when you have a custom theme. If you care about RGB themes don't expect much from what's included.

Video Card

Got suckered into buying this from a salesman at Microcenter. Thank you Mr. Salesman because this is the single-greatest graphics card for the price you can buy. A year later and I haven't even started overclocking because it runs everything flawlessly. Been seeing the price drop below 400 here and there so keep an eye on this one if you're looking to upgrade for a steal.


You can't go wrong with Phanteks cases and this one is one of their best. You might spend some extra time on cable management but it is well worth it because this thing is a beauty. As you can see from my build there is plenty of room and plenty of theme options. Also, there's a ton of options for how to setup your layout including a vertical GPU mount (sold separately but ready for it) and tons of storage interfaces. I would recommend adding another fan or two (I added one 140mm), extra airflow can't hurt and it has the space.

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+1 for the theme

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I love the deep blue lighting you got going. It really shows off the PC without being all in your face. Usually people with RGB tend to go all out and I find it too distracting when I'm using my computer.