Finally got around to building a new PC. I have been wanting to for awhile since my last build was a few years ago.

Part Reviews


Super fast so far. I $ the i7 because I had the extra cash and wanted to dive into OCing.

Although, I have not oc yet still wanting a few more fans for the radiator

CPU Cooler

Installation was fairly easy I would say. The included directions were kind of vague but there are plenty of videos to watch. At first I put the pump on the cpu sideways and and to reseat it. Still worked out fine and is keeping the 4790k cool. Only sounds like a jet when I start up the pc or shut down or under super super heavy load.

The included fans seem decent. I can barely hear them and the case is like 1 foot away from me. Plan on adding 2 corsair silent fans to complete a push/pull config


I was impressed when I opened the box and saw this beautiful board. GB did a nice job making sure all the ports were visible and accessible installation was a breeze it was super easy to work with, comes loaded with features, and looks awesome.

The BIOS is easy to understand and navigate, a LOT of options. Already enabled intel's XMP for my RAM without a hitch!


I wanted at least 16GB because I planned on gaming and doing amateur video editing/streaming.

I referred to the officially accepted RAM GB had noted that should work with the Gaming 7.

Most every name brand ram I initially wanted was sold out at the time. So I gambled on A-Data. Was a little worried that its voltage was a tad higher but hey I wanted 2400 so I think most voltages are 1.65

Installed easy and the heatsinks seem REALLY sturdy. Not that bad looking in the board adds a metallic flair that I like. Got it setup dual channel and it was recognized as 1600 when I put it in. Went in the bios, found the XMP profile 1 and its all good now


I really wanted an m.2 SSD since my MOBO supports it, but I will wait cause the prices were higher than I wanted. This SSD works fine, it was cheap and overall is actually pretty fast.

I've had it hang once in the file explorer though...still trying to find out why


Got this bad boy in there but have not formatted it yet so it's not recognized by Windows.

Just wanted a large HDD for all my past computer documents/videos/games etc.

Video Card

I am coming from an 150$ 2011 MSI--AMD.6790-1GB and oh boy how I loved that card, honestly it wasn't the BEST card at the time but it carried me happily all the way to 2015 playing nearly ANY game I wanted. Now it was just time for an upgrade with the next gen games coming out needed 4GB ram O_O

I was really torn on NVIDIA or AMD. Did a lot of research and I decided I would go NVIDIA this time. I've had AMD in my last builds and albeit they were GREAT cards and STILL work, hardly any driver issues... I felt I was missing out on features supported by NVIDIA for the games I was primarily playing-- PhysX, better driver support, etc

It was 390 vs 970 (or 980) and the heat and power consumption of the 390 just turned me off. I live in a hot environment and when summer comes around I want my room and case as cool as possible.

Now I read a lot about the 3.5 GB ram scandal with the 970 and since I have a high res monitor I figured it might be an issue trying to game at 1440p. Then I realized...hey I'm not that super hardcore of a gamer and spending 500-1000$ on 980tis just didn't seem economical to play **** on ULTRA at such a high res.

So I read the reviews on this card, a lot were positive, so I pulled the trigger..and so far NO REGRETS.

I got no coil wine, it's pretty damn silent, It's a BIG *** but SEXY *** card. Length wise it fit in my case fine but It almost blocked off my sata ports. It's like 1 mm from resting on the m.b. too...

Love the backplate with the blue logo. The fans seem to cool it enough but have not really tried to OC it yet

Will update since ultra high res textures are being realsed for the two games I am playing most with this card

Been playing RB6 Siege( GOT IT FREE WITH THE CARD!) with a LOT of graphic options. Although it cant run all of them on Ultra (RAM issues), it damn near maxes it.

I mainly play DOTA 2 and it maxes easily running 120fps


This was easily the MOST impressive component in my build. Hey it's basically what jump started me to put together a new rig. It was on sale and I needed a new case since I was fed up with my last once since the whole front IO ports didn't connect to the mobo. ( was using rear panel for suxe)

Anyways... GOD I can't brag on this case enough. EVERYTHING just fits, its a MID but has SO much room. Its sound proof, it has filters, it has good fans, everything just so intuitive like magnetic front filters, just so MANY more features.

The HDD cages that normally take up so much space were removed from this case and you mount the SSD and HDD's on the side panel. Seeing how I only going to have no more than 4 drives this was a no brainer. Who really needs a cd drive anyways? I can always get an external if I need it. Just the sexiest case ever.

Power Supply

First off this bad boy was not 200$ it was like 60$ when I got it on sale.

Fully modular, Heavy construction, sturdy, powerful, silent fan, just a bangin solid power supply. It even came in a velvet freaking bag. Had all the power cords I needed, even the screws to mount to the MB (GB had them too wit the G7) extra zip ties and storage bags, just everything.


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I like that you went with a TV. I used to be a die hard console gamer and with the job I have now 12hrs at a desk 4 days in a row, The last thing I want to sit at when I'm home is a desk. So I have a sumo lounge and wireless keyboard and mouse with a cooler resting close by. Nice build I dig it!!!

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So this case has two 2.5 drive bays. Does that mean you were able to just directly screw in your SSD? No adapters or anything needed?

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No adapters, just screws. Sorry for the late response.