So, I'm new to this stuff but I'm proud of what came out of it. I saved SO MUCH MONEY by just putting the computer together myself. It's like companies charge hundreds of dollars for them to have it built. Also, since I'm a beginner, no need to call me a noob for doing dumb stuff xD, I got that down already.

Pros - Runs VERY smoothly and fast - Very quiet when doing things like downloading and casual surfing - 8 Cores! -16GB of RAM! -2TB HDD! -8 GB of VRAM! -Case is functional and does the job while looking quite sharp -A LOT of cable management room

Cons - Very low wattage for PSU (will be changing that later, definitely) -A TINY bit noisy when downloading large files (IDK) - CPU Cooler was a PAIN to install, literally. (The Heat Sink left scratches on my arm)

So I'd appreciate any comments, questions, or concerns about my machine. If you have a question about how well a certain part works, don't be afraid to ask :)! I'd also appreciate suggestions for PSUs that are AFFORDABLE, and high wattage (nothing fancy =D)

EDIT: So I forgot to add that I used the Hard Drive from my Old Dell XPS 8100 that had all my files and Windows 10 Pro. I know, this was a HUGE upgrade.

Part Reviews


A WORTH-IT CPU. 8 cores, and up to 4 GHz! What more can you ask for? Runs very quickly btw...

CPU Cooler

Cools efficiently and leaves my computer cool to the touch, great!

Thermal Compound

This works, my CPU temp is always cool most likely because of this. And, it has enough paste for I'd say about 15-20 applications.


The BIOS is functional and doesn't look ancient like some MOBOs. There's really nothing special to this specific product but it gets the job done, 100%


Perfect if you're on a tight budget, they look great and function as expected.


Mine's was Amazon refurbished but works perfectly. Has 1.91TB out of the box. Nice!

Video Card

I knew that I 100% wanted to get a powerful GPU and I found the perfect one. A Radeon RX 480 chipset with 8 GIGS (yes, 8!) of VRAM. The thing also has an LED control that you can set to make if static, color changing, or blinking. The perfect card!


The case's fan keeps my computer cool and looks sharp too! It does have only 1 disc drive but I think I can manage.

Power Supply

What I needed. I was on a tight budget after such an expensive GPU so I decided to get this. Nothing special to it but it works.

Optical Drive

Works perfectly. The drive comes in and out fast and all my Drivers' installed quickly. All I needed!

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  • 44 months ago
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Nice first build! You did a great job on a budget. That bad boy will dominate at 1080p.

As for a PSU, as long as it's +500w and at least 80Plus bronze, you should be good. Don't go too cheap.

  • 44 months ago
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Thank you!

  • 44 months ago
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Great value build! How are the temps doing?

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  • 44 months ago
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As you noted you need to sort out a replacement PSU. You are pulling 428W on a 430W PSU based on PCPP calculations.

XFX are usually reliable and good budget option. Suggest an XFX 650W 80+ Bronze for £53 to give yourself some overhead, my own preference is to have at least 150W cover from stock settings.

Might also be worth trying an OC to 4.3GHz to give you some pleasurable ultra setting gaming at 1080P, 650W should offer scope for an OC.

  • 44 months ago
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Thanks for the advice!

  • 44 months ago
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I personally wouldn't have went with an AM3+ processor at this time, having to buy everything new, as it will be replaced in a few months (and the platform is really old), but the performance will be enough.

If you want to reduce power consumption, just to be sure, google how to downvolt your card (it's pretty easy btw), and you should be able to save a few watts without losing in performance.

  • 44 months ago
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  • 41 months ago
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So as far as a PSU goes, leaving room for expansion isn't a bad idea. I almost went with a 500w myself in my rig, which is very similar to yours only I built mine in 2014 and just upgrade a couple things a couple days ago, I managed to find a 750 CXM Corsair PSU at a good price on Newegg, might have been refurbished but the thing works great and has plenty of power left if I felt like x-firing GPUs

Nice work, try to grab a few nicer photos.

  • 41 months ago
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Thank you for the advice!

  • 44 months ago
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Potato quality photos...why?!

  • 44 months ago
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Sorry, I'm not really good at photos of things under my desk.