Pictures Updated! Not Finished with my story... I'll be back very soon with more. 9/19/16

This build was based on a Budget and Appearance.

Before I get **** for the Sli'ed GTX 970's... I'd like to reiterate that this was based on a budget.. and I was able to get a hold of 2-970's for a total price of $340. I'd consider that a steal.

I haven't built a PC in 5 years. In PC years that's generations. A new gaming PC is what I longed for. Dark Souls beckoned my name. However... My wife was not pleased to hear what my dream was. She liked to remind me how we could use the money to purchase things we need... Like a new kitchen table, or a pair of dress shoes.... Cmon! Those aren't needs!

The journey begins. The first thing I purchased was the case. I knew i wanted something minimalist. My prior builds have always been about how outrageous my case needed to look. Always went Alien looking and jagged edged. I never focused on the interior of the PC. So I got to thinking... What would draw someones attention to the guts of the build?? Eureka! A case with straight edges and little to look at... Carbide 600C. With a BIG *** WINDOW! Of course to see the innards with. So in turn i purchased the case and it sat there... lonely.. for weeks... "poor baby... :(" Saved a few more bucks and I purchased the next part.

The PSU. I knew i needed something that wasn't going to effect the out come of the build yet. I was to far away on deciding what GPU i was going to purchase. So I played it safe and went for the PSU. I wanted something that would handle potential SLI set up as well as some nice LED's and such. 500 watt probably would have been enough... maybe go with 600 watt just to be sure... But as I was searching for the best budget/watt solution I ran into a Corsair 750. Great Power, more then enough. But what struck me was the price. $100... plus... a $20 mail in rebate.. (I always send Rebates in) $80 bucks for a 750 watt PSU!! Yes! Done! Bought...... Declined... WTF!! O.O Wife had purchased some items and to cover the cost she transferred some funds from my account. However!! You knew there was a "but". I have such great friends, a buddy of mine purchased it for me and I paid him back next paycheck.

6/16/16 Update:

So here we are. Wife still doesn't know I'm building this Majestic Wizard Box. Its been 2 weeks since i purchased the PSU. What next? Still way to early for the GPU, Memory, Motherboard and such... What about Hard drives. Thats it! Hard Drive... Western Digital was the first thing that popped into mind. My Last build has 3 - 2TB WD hard drives that are still going strong They are frequently used to stream my backed up DVDs over the home network. Wanting big bad HDD's is what i yearned for. After some research i found how fast these SSD have become since my last build. Samsung was top Dog! But wow! Look at the price tag on those things.... Remember, budget... I used Samsung SSD's as a starting point and went from there. Comparing them to other SSD's on the market i found there were huge differences when running mixed IO threads. Write speeds and read speeds compared to GB size of the drives as well as price. I wanted a minimum of 500GB for my drive... but the prices were outrageous. A few days passed and I ran across a Flash sale on Newegg. They had the Mushkin ECO3 240 GB for $65 with a $7 dollar discount. Even though I wanted a 500GB HDD i figured, lets spend quite a bit less by purchasing 2 Mushkin 240GB SSD's and run them in RAID. The OS HDD's were purchased. Space, Decent Speed, and cheap!

7/5/16 Update:

UH OH... She came to my work for a surprise visit!! Luckily have little birds everywhere... hehe. I was able to intercept her before she made it to the Domain of the Majestic Wizard Box. So we proceed. "Onward!"

I've never Overclocked any peripherals since day one. Its was always thought to be a chore to me. Risking my expensive pieces for a so so gain. It has always been in the back of my mind to OC the CPU or GPU. But today's overclocking seems to be easy peasy! Kids have it so good nowadays. So I've decided to give it try this time. Since I knew at least I was to overclock... something. I needed a way to cool the extreme heat from the potential CPU I was to purchase, hopefully, in the near future. Water blocks have always been so cool! But a little on the pricey side, plus potential leakage from clumsy installers, us human beings can be. But Humanity <--- (Dark Souls!!) must move forward and created bigger and better things. Pre-built Water-Blocks and Radiator/Fan Combo, Badass!!! Done! Water Cooling it was. To me it was a no brainer because they shared most of the market. Corsair was the way I wanted to go. Plus it matches my case... right? Right?.... Then this beauty emerged from the depths of the critics on the inter-webs. The Kraken!! The reviews were phenomenal and the deciding factor was the fact that the Fans were white. Appearance!! Future LEDs would make this baby shine. So I introduce to you the Krakenatorer thingy..... Its cool looking.

9/12/16 Update: Wow.. Its been forever... You ask What took me so long to continue this wonderful story of adventure and forbidden love?... Well truthfully... She busted me. YUP straight up grabbed me by the balls and in a demonic exorcist voice asked "Where is it!?" So it all got put on hold for a few weeks.. About mid August I had saved up enough to purchase more pieces of this Box of Wizard Majesty.

Brilliant White. Not tooth decay white, not sun beaten, never waxed, or washed your car white. But Brilliant White. Something that Says POW! but not to much pow. The Krait Gaming Series Mother board. Darkness accented with such a perfect subtle whiteness hue. That, I could tell, when lit by LEDs would say "POW!" The specs were in par and from the research could tell that the Overclocking should be a breeze.

I decided I was going with a 1151 CPU Socket. The MSI Krait Gaming 3x would be the beast I needed at a decent price of $120.00 I couldn't pass it up... Now that I new what CPU Socket was required. I started on a journey of deciding what CPU best fit my needs. I jumped on the inter-webs and noticed the price differences from the i5 and i7 were about $100. As a came across the i7 again, i noticed a promotional code for a significant discount. at i7-6700K at $310? Cmon! How was that not screaming at me "BUY ME NOW!!" So of course I did what the little guy told me to do... I bought him.

9/18/16 Update: If my memory serves me right, I will need some Memory for this build.... <--- See what I did there? I know, it wasn't funny. But I'm building a PC here not writing a stand up act.

These cool little guys jumped out at me when searching for memory with a cool outer shell. I was looking for something black or white to match the build. However, everything I found would either be drowned in the darkness or be too brilliant white. I wanted something flat not glossy. These bad boys were cool looking with the sliver of silver on the top. Plus they were priced well for DD43000 and 3200 range. Definitely going to fiddle with the overclocking. The name was a plus as well. Memory with the words Dominator and Platinum in their have to be badass! Corsair again, being well known for quality. Easy pick. What really surprised me about these sticks, was upon installation and boot up. These tadpoles grew legs!! Actually LEDs. They lit up! Cool as penguin ****! Who would have known.

Updated pictures coming real soon. I promise... Just want to get through some of the story line because the next pictures are of the PC near completion... I got into a rush and skipped a bunch of the pics of the build.

9/19/16 Update: So I am rushing through this now because I want to show off the way this awesome build turned out.

Next on the list, which is also, I must add, is the last major component, but not the last touch. GPUs!! Being in the Market for a GPU is a roller coaster ride! Literally! The Price of these things fluctuate so much and so fast. This was the last component merely because I knew when I finished this build they would have new GPU Architecture released. Which they did!!! However, I did not go for the latest and greatest. Let me remind you that this build was based off looks and budget.

These GPU's were, in a nut shell, the cheapest and best looking. I love the way reference cards look. Yeah, I know we could go on and on about the power of the gigabyte or MSI versions. But really? Cmon... "Reference Card Silver" is so classy and sleek. However, I am actually debating on whether I should paint the silver a white to match the other components. I'm definitely getting rid of the GEFORCE green LED. Going to sand the green off. The price however was at its lowest pending the release of the 1080s, 1070s, etc. Especially when I had decided to just go with one GPU. The SLI set up was an after thought. And based on price as well as aesthetics. A single 980ti was within budget. The 1080s release was complete but the price was way out of range. The more I thought about budget vs aesthetics, the more I leaned toward aesthetics. I want this baby to shine!! I decided to go with SLI set up. Nothing looks more glorious then a PC with two huge Graphic Cards flexing its muscles!! Seriously, nothing.

The 980s were still just a bit out of reach when it came to SLI. Prices were still in the $300 dollar range. If I was going to spend $600+ on a SLI set up, I may as well trade the two in for a single 1080 and go for sheer performance. But I still wanted the SLI look. So I took a step back and started to check out the specs of a 960 and 970. It was obvious to go with the 970s based solely on performance. But the prices were still a little high compared to a SLI 970 set up and a single 980ti which would have, actually, run a bit cheaper. BOOM! It hit me straight on. Craigslist. Upon searching for a few mins I stumbled across a 970 for sale. $180... Not bad considering they were selling for $250 brand new. The cheap ******* I am, I offered him $120. He countered with $160 and I countered with $140 and it was done. A used 970 for $140. I was happy. Now I needed the second card.

Simple Story concerning the second 970. Best Buy had a sale for the 970 for $230 at one point and I had $30 in best buy reward certificates. Second Graphics Card was purchased.

Not Finished with my story... I'll be back very soon with more.

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She's going to kill you. But hey, you're getting good frame rate , am i right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The title says it all. Good luck on your stealth build one part at a time.

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'Grabbed me straight by the balls' God that part got to the balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No but for real, very nice and sleak build!

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