Replacing a 7 year old PC with something that can power the 4k monitor I got as a present. Quiet and nondescript were key factors here, as the PC lives in the same space as my family. Noise and lots of blinky LEDs will annoy them and be unworkable.

This build works wonders for that. When idle or at low usage, my wife has commented that it's inaudible. Over the normal background noise of a house (fridge, PVR, and such) you can't hear it at all. It's a bit louder under full load as the GPU fans spin up, but being open air they don't contribute a lot of noise. The large fans on the Define R6 and the sound dampening foam make a real difference.

While you can't run everything at 4k at max settings if you want 60fps, you can run pretty high/max depending on the game. Most of the stuff I play is less stressful like strategy games so it's not an issue for me. The main thing is that even under load, there's barely any noise.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

It's quiet. It's huge. Those are the two things you really need to know. Package came with a lot of parts and thermal paste, instructions were good, and it's doing a good job of cooling while being quiet (I'm not using the low RPM adapter, I don't find it necessary in my case). Feels like a quality product when working with it.

But seriously, it's huge. Check dimensions before ordering, and install stuff like RAM and m2 drives before this. You'll save yourself a headache later.


Really enjoying this board. The layout is easy to work with. It's packed with features for the price. Not the best BIOS config screen I've ever seen, but it's functional with a good feature set. Would definitely recommend if you want WIFI and front USB-C compatible headers on a motherboard.

For its price, it delivers.


Pros: It's nondescript and quiet, exactly as advertised. You can put it in a room with other people and they'll barely notice it's there. Comes with 3 large case fans that will be plenty for a lot of builds, and has room for several more. Has an optical drive bay, which is removable if you don't want it. Dust filters are easy to remove and clean, including the one on the bottom for the PSU (and an optional fan). Build quality is excellent. It feels sturdy.

Cons: I find the PSU shroud more annoying than useful and the instructions don't explain how to remove it (not sure if you can). Cable management paths make some of the cables a pretty tight fit, although they did all fit.

Other Thoughts: Did a build with this case today. It passed the most important test: my wife can barely hear it at all. It was pretty easy to work inside and had clearance for a big Noctura cooler, so that's nice. If you need something that will give you decent airflow while being quiet and fitting nicely into a room, you should get this case.


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Nice build! Mine is very similar. Came here to see if anyone else built a R6 and what their cooler was. Happy you're liking the Noctua. I'll probably be swapping my EVGA cooler for a Noctua as I'm unhappy with the noise to performance ratio.

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Thanks. :) Yeah the Noctura is excellent, and it fits comfortably inside the R6. I should have put the RAM and m2 drive in first, but it worked out okay.

I'm not even using the low RPM connector option on the Noctura, it's already quiet enough at full performance inside the R6, you can barely hear it at all. Highly recommend it.