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Skylake 2

by grundidaniel



Date Published

April 26, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.178 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.01 GHz



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FHD32423 3 points 35 months ago

Beautiful build.+1

And I will like to see some more pics while the system is running with those beautiful riing fans.

Poopfeels 1 Build 2 points 34 months ago

Every build I've seen with front a mounted rad have that platform at the bottom removed and the rad is taking up the bays that are accessible from the back. Did you do any homebrew modding to get it to fit?

Edison528 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

AHHHH all these amazing Phanteks builds! I need to post mine up ASAP before people start saying "Another Phanteks build... how original" hahahah one of the most sexiest cases out on the market today! Looks great, but PLEASE add some pictures of the back so we can see the mess of wires please! lol

adr.val 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

such a clean build :) +1 wanting to see the cable management you did, but still, great!!!

Trav_X 1 point 35 months ago

What are your thoughts on the parts?

+1 for aesthetics, add more description PLZ :)))))

Khaosix 20 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

Wow. Super clean.

+1 for meticulous execution and great specs.

Buddatech 1 point 35 months ago

I almost went with that 980 but at the time needed a card to exhaust hot air out the case. +1 Neat build!

[comment deleted]
I_dunno 1 point 35 months ago

Wow really enjoyed the description!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+1

I_dunno 1 point 35 months ago

Also great looking build very clean!!

PCIntake 1 point 35 months ago

Did you just use the default Corsair fans that came with the AIO for the radiator at the front? Very nice clean build, is the protective cover over the side panel temporary? I'd hate to not be able to see that inside with it in the way. ++1

NitroOG 1 point 35 months ago

Nice build.

TheNippleViolator 1 point 35 months ago

Amazing build +1

This is the grey correct?

grundidaniel submitter 3 Builds 1 point 35 months ago


daohaus 2 Builds 1 point 32 months ago

are you running 140 radiator fans for this build? Because I'm trying to mount the radiator to the front in a pull config and can't do it without removing my HDD cage

PoeDomo 1 point 20 months ago

Do you have any kind of intake at all? It seems weird that a build that looks so professional would have smarter cooling..

Joshua.bell 1 point 11 months ago

Does it run PUBG?

[comment deleted]
Slick17 1 point 35 months ago


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