Heya! this is my first machine ever built! this pc is mostly used as an art station, but i also game with it. I give special thanks to my friends Wind and Iri for helping me so much on gathering the parts for it!!!!

Ever since i could work, i've been bound to using laptops, so this has been quiiiiite a change. i'm overall really proud of it; the pc plays very nicely with all my settings, games and art programs.

The case was mainly the only issue i had when building, as some of the screw holes were a bit on the tight side, but in the end it was all good! cable management was a bit tight but, its a 2012 case! rubber grommets were also a bit loose.

the only used parts on this system are the cooler and the gpu, and i seriously have to thank my friends for giving me those parts! especially in this insane gpu market of today.

anyway! its blue, its pretty and it runs everything i need like a champ. i'm really happy with this build!

Part Reviews


Amazing cpu for a great price. runs super cool and fast! excellent for someone who works in art and graphic design.

CPU Cooler

it is a Really Cool Cooler, however it is a little bit on the slippery side to mount with an am4 X mounting adapter. still, a great cooler!! once mounted it wont move again.


has all the features i need and its a really pretty mobo! has no lights, which suits me just fine.


it comes at the advertised speed out of the box, so you dont have to fiddle with it in the BIOS once you plug it in!


This thing is sooo fast, i love it. just comparing it to my hard drive makes the second one seem like a slug in comparison. an excellent drive.


stores my files perfectly fine. it comes in a neat tight packaging to avoid damage to the drive.

Video Card

it may be old but it still packs a punch! plays old titles + esports titles like a champ at the highest settings.


i removed one star only because it is really tight to work on in some corners [ie: plugging the cpu to the mobo, and the cable management] and also because it has no easy ssd mounts [its an old case]. still, a great case with amazing airflow! keeps all my components cool.

Power Supply

super silent and fully modular, i love it

Case Fan

they're a bit noisy but still move a lot of air!!! and im all about performance rather than acoustics so im fine with it. theyre a little bit hard to screw in though.


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Beautiful build! Nice blend of old and new. The 760 and it's more powerful Kepler-based siblings still kick ***, especially in the current market.

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