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An Intro to Computer Building

by Clemeit



Date Published

Dec. 27, 2016

Date Built

Dec. 24, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

4.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

26.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

63.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.506 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.108 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

68.0° C


I'd never built a PC before, but ever since my brother did years back, I've always wanted to try. Well, I worked some extra shifts to save up enough money, spent countless hours studying up on each of the parts (I had no idea how computers worked beforehand), and threw together a parts list, and refined, and refined, and finally the time came to make it happen!

I use this PC for gaming (Witcher 3, GTA V, other Steam and GOG games) as well as throwing together some videos for a YouTube channel I like to post to. Previous to this computer, I only owned two non-gaming computers that struggled in even the most basic of games. Now I'm blown away by all the performance that's at my disposal. I can actually run games at 100+ FPS easily, and most far more than that. This is a huge leap from 20 FPS in non-modded, low graphics quality Skyrim, which is all my last computer could (barely) handle.

Everything worked right out of the box. First boot didn't work, but at least the screen displayed an error message that fixed the problem immediately. I had only plugged in the 6+2 pin power cable to the GPU, forgetting to also plug in the 6 pin power cable. Second boot worked like a charm.

Was a ton of fun building this. Nerve wracking, exciting, rewarding. The whole shebang. In fact, the hardest and most time consuming part of the entire build was trying to install Windows 10 64-bit, because I only had 32-bit computers around the house (and one 64-bit computer that just refused to run the Windows 10 utility). Installing the case fans was a close runner-up. They came with absolutely no documentation, and I couldn't figure out why they came with mounting screws but the mounting holes weren't threaded! Turns out, you just screw in the screws anyways and it threads it for ya. Worked great after that.

The computer didn't boot up the first time the morning after I built it. It gave me a message stating "your overclocking settings failed" yadayada something that like. Weird. I hadn't overclocked anything yet! I hit the "reset settings" or something like that, and it worked fine again.

But now it's done. And it works. And it's all mine. And really after all that hard work and studying, I'm not left wanting. I have exactly what I wanted, and I'm perfectly happy with it.

Edit: I've since switched to the NZXT Kraken x62 (mostly because I'm a sucker for RGB), and the new temperatures are really great. Went from 30 idle to 26, and from 70 load to 50. Nothing wrong with the Hyper 212 Evo, though! That thing really is hard to beat for the price.

(component prices include tax and shipping for my records)

Part Reviews


Was going to go with the i5-6600k, but decided the hyperthreading would help with video rendering. Really glad I decided to spend the extra money. I'm super happy with this thing.

Easy overclock. In fact, I think it was running upwards of 4.3 GHz right out of the box. Got it to 4.6 GHz no problem.

CPU Cooler

Keeps the CPU cool, even under load. Looks totally awesome, and fits my red/black theme really nicely.

It overlaps my first RAM slot, but that's not a huge deal until I decide on filling all 4 slots... then I might have issues.

Edit: I've switched to the NZXT Kraken x62. Idle temps dropped 5C, and load temps dropped 10C.

Thermal Compound

Hmmm, not sure what to say here. It works I suppose! Don't have anything to compare to.


It looks cool; I like the bios; it fits the color scheme of the build. Haven't had any problems with it yet.

XMP doesn't work. Everything is fine until I do a cold boot, and then it says that the XMP has failed. Might be the board, might be the RAM, so no stars off for it.


The heat sinks look super awesome, even if they don't fulfill a super important role.

XMP doesn't work. Everything is fine until I do a cold boot, and then it says that the XMP has failed. Might be the board, might be the RAM, so no stars off for it.


Coming from a HDD... holy crap. Love the speeds it has to offer.

Video Card

This thing is a beast. There are some games that I can dual box and the fans still don't come on... they usually only come on when running Witcher 3 at ultra settings. Gives constant 75+ FPS in everything I've ran thus far. I originally wanted the 1080, but the price difference was too great. Maybe someday when the 1080 comes down in price, or when a more appealing card comes out in the distant future. But for now, wow this thing is amazing.

Don't forget to connect both the 6+2 pin and the 6 pin connectors to it! :)


Looks very nice. Very spacious inside, allowing for superior cable management. I like the RGB LED lighting effects, and the optional RGB LED strip to complement the case lighting is a great addition.

It's a fingerprint magnet. Break out that microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol as soon as you're done building.

Only negative I've encountered is the front air intake. The channel for air to run through is very small. I have a AIO radiator attached to the front, and I was noticing that my CPU wasn't running as cool as it should. I decided to take off the front panel to see if that made a difference. Sure enough, my CPU temp dropped 9C while under full load. Might be a better idea to mount AIO radiators on the top, as the airflow in the front just isn't quite there.

Power Supply

I found out after the fact that nearly nobody sells sleeved cables for the G1 (NEX) series since it's dated and often considered unreliable. So now I'm stuck with a PSU that I can't get sleeved cables for.

Other than that, it does its job. Haven't had any specific functionality issues with it. If I could do it again, I'd spend the $10-$15 extra and purchase a G2 or G3 series, which are much more widely supported.

Case Fan

Some included documentation could have been a huge plus, but it comes with absolutely zero paperwork.

They look great, although the sticker in the center of the fan is off-center, which looks dorky wobbling around while the fan spins. I'll take it off some day.

They push air, but not like a ton of air. Relatively quiet.


Great color, just about NO light/IPS bleed. Good response time. Easily overclocked to 75 Hz refresh rate (used Nvidia control panel).

Ultra wide is super awesome, but it is no substitute for a second monitor if you're someone who likes to multitask. Games look great on it.

The stand is a little wobbly, but only when I'm raging at a game and shaking the desk, which I shouldn't do anyways.


I've only ever used cheap membrane keyboards before this. Wow what a difference!

I purchased the K70 RGB version of this keyboard, and the color is very amazing. Favorite keyboard ever!


I didn't think I'd ever use all of the G buttons... now I almost wish it had more! They can really increase productivity, and they help a ton in games.

Looks a little odd, and the third button (the one your ring finger rests on) is like super hard to push! Other than that, it's amazing.

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Festacles 3 points 28 months ago

Awesome job! Congrats on the first build!

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 3 points 28 months ago

Thanks, it really was a world of fun. Finally being able to play modern games is a huge blast!

weavv 1 Build 2 points 28 months ago

went the MSI route, makes me think of the giveaway they are doing right now...

I remember learning everything, seems like you can't get enough information!

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 2 points 28 months ago

There really does seem to be an endless supply of information, and it's not always easy to know what to look for. Much of what I learned was chanced upon from watching countless hours of YouTube videos!

Bouowmx 2 Builds 2 points 28 months ago

Video encoding is faster on ASICs (AMD VCE, Intel Quick Sync Video, and Nvidia NVENC) than on CPUs. I think it is pretty wasteful to encode on CPU unless CPU encoding offers something you require that ASICs do not.

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

I appreciate the feedback. Keep in mind that this is a first build, coming from someone who, 3 months ago knew nothing about how computers are built or work. It wasn't possible for me to learn everything the first time around; I got a short attention span. All I knew is that this build edits videos a heck of a lot faster than anything I've ever used, and for that I'm happy. :)

(These aren't professional videos. Just short, small projects I make with friends for fun in spare time)

Kakaroto 2 points 28 months ago

Hi, i got a question about your cpu cooler. I am a first time builder myself and i am going with the same cpu and video card. At first i thought going with a watercooler (NZXT Kraken X61 106.1 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler) was the way to go. But i need to cut some costs due to the price of the video card.

So, should i go with the cooler you got?

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

I'm no expert, but I'm happy with this cooler. Looks great with a side window, and it seems to keep the CPU cool under load. I'm not overclocking though, not significantly anyhow. I think if you wanted to do a lot of overclocking you'd be better with liquid cooling.

Kakaroto 2 points 28 months ago

Thanks for the reply! Don´t think ill be OCing anytime soon. My first task is to build a decent PC.

Enjoy yours!

kiingkylie 2 points 22 months ago

currently @ slightly modded, everything low but texture quality 15-20 fps skyrim LMAO

Nour1911 1 point 28 months ago

Great build man I usually don't like black and red PCs but this one is just amazing! Only downside is your monitor.. You got a 1080p 75hz monitor with your 6700k and 1070 you can play games at 1440p 75hz or even 100+hz on some games so I deffinetaly recomend upgrading your monitor to get the most out of your PC otherwise I love it!

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I knew the monitor wouldn't be able to perform up to the level of the build itself. Unfortunately, money is tight this time of year. The plan was to build a PC that could handle 1440p resolutions so that later on I could upgrade the monitor to a really nice one. As for now, I'm still happy with the current monitor. I'm upgrading from a 60Hz, 1366x768. So this is still a world of improvement!

I can't wait to try out a 1440p monitor in the future!

BodiXDDD 1 point 24 months ago

Can you change the color of the led?

Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 24 months ago

The LED strip in the case is RGB, and so it the underlighting and power button LEDs that come with the case. The red LEDs on the fans are red only.

[comment deleted by staff]
Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

It was well worth the wait, and the time spend researching! Best luck on your first build; may it be rewarding!

[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

This is good advice. Static can be a great way to blow a bunch of $$$. I built on a hardwood floor, barefoot. Had the PSU plugged in sitting on the desk next to me, and before handling each component I'd give it a touch.

[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
Clemeit submitter 2 Builds 1 point 27 months ago

Awesome! Congrats. I'm more than happy with everything. Planning on posting the build when you're done? Will definitely check it out.

Good luck!

[comment deleted by staff]