Hey all! I just wanted to show my computer and setup after upgrading. I suffered severely from PISD - Post Intel Stress Disorder after trying to pair my 6600k with this 1080, linked here: Even @4.6 GHz, there were still micro stutters. I decided to upgrade my computer as I'm about to go into college and need it for "schoolwork" and games, of course.

If you couldn't tell, the theme for this setup is based off of Kaioken Goku and Goku Black. I'm pretty much stuck with this for time being until I get RGB case fans, keyboard, and change out my cable management bar for a black one. However, this will definitely suffice. It runs Minecraft at my desired 2000 FPS, CS:GO at 550, and every other title at high settings.

And if you're baffled by these prices, I'm not surprised. A lot of this rig was bought and received secondhand from Craigslist and my uncle. Otherwise, the CPU, cooler, RAM, and motherboard were purchased from MicroCenter and Amazon.

This is most likely the final form of my computer for the time being, functionally at least (as if RGB doesn't give +200 FPS). But how many times have we heard, "This isn't even my final form!"?

Let me know what you guys think I should change about my computer/setup aesthetically (not cable management wise).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

A lot better than the Kraken x62 and stock cooler which I had previously installed. Installation was a bit tough with the motherboard already in the case.


Best bang for your buck motherboard and highly underrated. Only gripe with this thing is that the PCB is slightly brown which you can't see, and the lack of fan headers where there are only 4.

Video Card

Stays cool and performs well, but makes my life a lot harder when coming to installing new hardware.

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How was putting in the wifi card? easy?