I've been building this PC for a while and slowly improving it. It's close to my PC's 2nd birthday and with my last purchase I can call it a complete build.

My first major parts purchase took 1 year of saving up money, living in Mexico makes technology feel much more expensive. In these two years I had someone move parts across the border for me to avoid major taxes, bought locally and imported a few things. Overall I'm really satisfied with my experience. All the prices include taxes.

I use my PC for work, school, video games and occasionally 3D rendering.

The journey from ****** to average battlestation

Here's an imgur album I posted to /r/shittybattlestations if you'd like to see all the building process chronologically and the shortcomings I faced. It's not completely up to date but it's fairly recent (got a new keyboard, for example).

If there's anything else I'd like to improve it'd be adding more RAM and getting a second monitor, but I don't think I'll do that anytime soon.

Part Reviews


Can't complain about performance, it was the only processor available at my price range with Amazon Prime available when I did my purchase. However, as always with Intel, the stock cooler sucked.

CPU Cooler

This is one hell of a CPU cooler which is apparently overkill for an i5-4440 CPU. It lowered by temps by about 20 C and I haven't managed to make the fan spin even with CPU stress tests. It's not broken (the fan spins on boot), the heatsink is so good I can't go past 50 C under full load in a hot day, which used to be 80 C.

It's not bulky but having extra fans placed on top of my case made it somewhat difficult to install since my case was cramped, otherwise it's a breeze.


No issues whatsoever, it was one of the cheapest H97 ATX boards for the price at the time of purchase.


No problems with the RAM, it's all I needed.


Amazing speed, when I first used it to boot I was baffled at how quickly my system booted. Nowadays I have a lot of stuff on boot so it takes more time but that's my fault, on clean install it booted in 10 seconds tops, without extra fast boot settings.


Got this from my previous prebuilt, it has lived for about 7 years I think, which is surprising for an HDD which is constantly used.

Video Card

Bought it used "Like New" from Amazon, it was indeed "like new" with only a crumpled plastic bag. It's big, heavy and hasn't sagged. It runs most of the things I throw at it unless they're badly optimized. It runs a bit hot sometimes but nothing extreme.

Cases with bad airflow could be a problem since the design doesn't push out all the intake air.


Really good looking case. The air filters are really, really useful. The red LED fan gives a faint red glow to the inside of the case which is enough for my tastes. Fits really big video cards.

My cabling is a mess but that's my fault, the case actually has a decent space to hide the cables.

The only problem I had was that the bottom fan got in the way of some PSU cables with led me to cut the latches of a few of them, and having installed the top fans made somewhat difficult to install a CPU fan.

Power Supply

Works as intended, probably overkill for my build but I wanted some headroom.

The modular cables came with velcro straps which were useful for general cable managing.

Case Fan

Awesome bang for the buck. They're quiet, low CFM fans.

Some people complain about the low airflow but in my opinion they give a nice flow to the case overall and prevent hotspots.


Cheap and simple, feels good to type and it has a really good grip on the table. I don't need anything more at the moment.


I'm afraid I won't be able to go back to normal mice anymore, I find myself trying to click the forward/back buttons on standard mice.

Contrary to a lot of people, I find the free spinning wheel insanely useful but I honestly don't use the DPI scaling that much. People also complain about the loud wheel but mine stopped clicking loudly after a couple of months of usage.

I was lucky to find it locally, being imported directly from China which made it a lot cheaper than buying from the US.


It's thin, not hard to clean and my mouse glides flawlessly. I personally found the standard size more than enough, a mini would've sufficed.


Bought a USB to carry around on my keychain so I needed something sturdy. This USB fitted perfectly to my needs. It has scratches everywhere by now but that's precisely why I chose it.

Also quite fast,


Works as intended, the size is convenient, enough to carry in a pocket.


Had this since about 8 years ago, it handles really well and isn't fragile. The only issue is that the analog sticks are a bit stiff, it feels like they snap back in place too hard so moving the sticks around doesn't feel very smooth.


It works as advertised, I had it hit the floor from 1m with books on top of it and it still works perfectly, the prize was also good at the time. It has lived for 3 years so far.

Using it to backup all my games due to a ****** internet connection, plus documents and images.


Got this since about 8 years ago. Lightweight, not that fragile, it's a pretty blue color, but it's a bit tiresome to use for rapid button mashing since it lacks analog sticks.

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