So I have a purple theme and that is why I named this computer after eggplants. Plus, it sounds weirdly awesome. I have a few more things to buy such as my fluid I am waiting for the PrimoChill VUE. I also did some light mods to the case to adequately cool this bad boy. I drilled some pass-through holes on the PSU shroud and mounted a slim 240mm rad. The radiator has slim fans on it and it performs quite well, cable management was such a pain because I had to keep a lot of the cables in the shroud and I had to make sure they were impeding airflow as little as possible. Will update with the new fluid.

Use: I will be using this machine primarily for gaming but I occasionally edit videos and stuff. I went with x299 because I got a screaming deal on a new 7800X. Plus, quad channel RAM is, as the youths say, "dope"

Part Reviews


Pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it runs pretty hot, but it overclocks like a boss! Honestly, I would not change it out for the 8700k though due to the lack of pcie lanes. Not that I am using very many.


Comes with an Atlas arm, which is pretty sweet. This motherboard was worth it. It works really well and has some cool subtle RGB to it.


Screaming fast! Once I get the Samsung EVO it will be my data drive for more mass storage options.

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  • 26 months ago
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Build looks great. I like the setup and the color scheme. Funny enough, I'm doing almost the same. Have you planned on doing any custom sleeves? That would help clean it up and reinforce the purple. Where did you end up getting the gpu waterblock? I have the same card and haven't found one yet. Keep at it!

  • 26 months ago
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Thank You! Are you hardline cooling?

Yes, I am planning on doing custom sleeved cables and I am thinking about redoing some of the bends. Also, I am getting Purple fluid and will update once complete. As for the waterblock I had to purchase it from the zotac store. Its their Arctic Storm model. It comes with the gpu block but the card itself is based off of the AMP! series.

Here is the link:

  • 26 months ago
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Yes, I plan on hard line cooling. It's a first for me to get into a custom loop, so I'm just researching like crazy and testing stuff at home. I have custom sleeves showing up today actually, pretty jazzed. Any idea what fluid you'll run? Pastels? So, they sell just the waterblock? Or is that the gpu and block? Just clarifying, since I may sell my amp extreme and just get the arctic storm model. The gpu market is upside down... how was the case for building in? I was looking at that one myself, decided on the nzxt h700i instead. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your build.

  • 25 months ago
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heck yeah! That's exciting! I was doing the same thing before I buckled down and did it. So I don't know for sure but I do not think that Zotac will just sell you the block. Although, it wouldn't hurt to talk to them they have a pretty stellar customer service (in my experience). As for fluid I am going to use PrimoChill VUE. The InWin was a breeze to build in everything fit beautifully, I wish there was better reservoir mounting though and my loop works pretty hard to dissipate all of my heat. Honestly, I kinda expected that since the case prioritizes aesthetics rather than functionality. Other than those few gripes I am very happy with it and I am ready for it to be completed haha.

  • 6 months ago
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where did you find a 7800x for 193 usd?