I think I should begin here: I built my first computer in August of 2015. The link to it is here. I built that PC under the username Multitasker451. Since then, that account has lost it's voting, commenting, posting, etc. privileges, and the reason for that is that I wasn't representing PCPartPicker the way it should be represented. I was down-voting builds if for petty reasons, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was affected by my immaturity. PCPartPicker admins, I hope someone will read this: you can remove privileges from this account, you can delete this account. I recognize now that I made your jobs more difficult, and I made user's experiences unpleasant, and I am genuinely sorry.

Now on to the actual build. This build started in the beginning of 2015, when I was 17, in high school. I got really into the PC community when I was 15, and I learned just about everything I know from LinusTechTips (website, YouTube)(beginners, I highly recommend checking them out). This build is what I've been using since August 2015. I've since moved on to college to major in Computer Science (or maybe Computer Engineering, we'll see where Comp Sci goes), and I will use the upgraded PC for homework (programming, essays, etc.), and I will be gaming on it.

I decided to upgrade in December 2016 after taking advantage of Black Friday sales. The best deal I got was on the Logitech keyboard and mouse at Best Buy. There were some mail-in rebates on some of the parts; I will update the prices once those go through.


  • As I will be doing more work than I was in high school, I decided I needed to add more RAM. I added 8 more gigs to give me a total of 16GB.

  • I added a 2TB HDD. On my older build, you'll see the 1TB HDD and a 250GB SSD. I now have a total of 3.25TB.

  • I didn't do enough research on PSU with the older build, and I know now that it's not the best. Since I'll be using this build for another 4 years, I want something more reliable so I added a much better (and quieter) PSU.

  • I added a better CPU cooler since I game on this build.

  • I wanted a smaller case and I saw this one and I thought it looked so ******* awesome.

Build Process: The build went very smoothly compared to my first build. It didn't boot the first time but that was because I mixed up some of the front i/o stuff. Simple fix. Booted once that was sorted out. I had originally purchased some dirt cheap cooler master fans with red LEDs but they were ridiculously loud so I ended up using the fans included with my CPU cooler. They are much quieter and they still go with my color scheme. Some of the pictures you see have the old fans, and I will include pictures of the new ones. I didn't want to pay $20 (or $30?, I forget) for the PCI-E riser cable for the graphics card, so I bought one with no reviews on Amazon (I know, this already sounds like a terrible idea). That was terrible so I now have the graphics card directly on the motherboard.

Note: sorry for the picture quality, the pictures were taken on my phone. Also note: I am not running Windows 8, I bought Windows 8 and am now running Windows 10. If you've read all the way through, thanks for sticking with me. I'd appreciate any feedback in the comments.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Super quiet (of course). Included fans are very nice quality. Only problem I'm having so far is that the logo on the part that attaches to the cpu (I'm sure this has a more technical name that I can't think of right now) keeps flickering if you set it to any color other than white.


This case is tricky for me... It looks fantastic and the build quality is superb for a case of this price range. However The bags that contained the screws were unmarked and basically had all the screws mixed together. The manual was really of no help, so when it came to installing the hardware, I kind of just had to blindly pick a type of screw to use. Also, the pictures included in the manual were far to small to identify types of screws or orientation of parts, and since this case comes pretty much entirely disassembled, this made assembly very difficult. More advanced PC builders might not have a problem identifying screws and such, but, I mean, I got there eventually.


Really great keyboard overall. Some of the keys click a little making them sound more like a cherry mx clear or green... but I think some key dampeners might clear that up. All of the keys are pretty loud when they hit the base of the keyboard, but that probably depends on how hard you hit the keys when you type. Once again, key dampeners will probably clear that up. It also doesn't come with a wrist rest. For some, this might not be a problem, but I have kind of messed up wrists to begin with so I will need to buy a wrist rest.


There's nothing I don't like about this mouse. All of the buttons are easy to reach, even with my smaller-than-average hands. I particularly like the wheel. It can be locked or unlocked with a button right below it.


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Nice build! And I frigging love those cases! Also always research your parts!

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Trust me, they look even better in person!

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Awesome! Always love the aesthetics and look of EVGA's cards.

But isn't the new case kind of impractical? Dust and other foreign objects should be a pain on something like that

But overall, nice build!

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Thanks for the comment!

Nothing against MSI, AMD, Zotac, etc. cards, they just look a little too sporty for me. I like the smooth lines on EVGA cards.

As for the case... ehh... it's really designed like that to show off the internals... and I agree that it is impractical. I think as long as I stay on top of cleaning it though, hitting it with some compressed air every once in a while, it should be fine.

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Face reveal in the reflection from the glass lol


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I appreciate the support, Jipster!