This is a build that I have been planning for some time, I found many great deals on these parts such as the 4k monitor and the case. The reason I bought two monitors is because I am primarily going to use this rig for gaming and maybe some schoolwork so I thought it might come in handy (plus the deal on the Samsung was too good to pass up). I named this build after the model car i placed inside of it, i saw it lying around and thought it would be a good decoration for this build. I didn't have any major problems despite doing this build with no prior experience. The most challenging aspect of this build was the CPU cooler, the bracket was quite difficult to install and required a lot of brute strength. And for anyone wondering what that mousepad is, it's the Redragon P015.

Part Reviews


No problems, great ram.


This is a great value gaming mouse, it feels light and sturdy in my hand, plus it comes with the Logitech gaming software. The sensor feels great and i'm sure this mouse will last me a long time.


These are great headphones! they are very comfortable and are a great value if you ask me. 7.1 surround is nice, and the mic arm is one of the best. The mic isn't the best but it will get the job done.


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