I was using the Thermaltake Core X71 for a while fully kitted out with radiators and it was just too big. So i decided to go from one extreme to the other and make a mini pc with a full custom loop

Use: Mainly used to play video games and just browse the internet

What worked well: It all fit in very barely (:

Problems: Many problems ! The space was so tight , there's literally less than a mm of space in certain spaces There's 2 HDD slots and that's it, not a problem if you utilize M.2 slots on the motherboard though With a single 120mm slim and a 240mm regular radiator trying to cool both the cpu and gpu it simply can't run cool and quiet. The fans ramp up when under load and idle temps are high (I set the fans to run slow & hot though). I've measured and I could fit a slim 240mm rad on the bottom with some slim fans but still not sure if it would be enough.

If i were to redo this build, I'd try to use a blower cooled GPU and just watercool the cpu, maybe even omit the custom loop altogether Once the pump and reservoir are in there there's just no room to swap around cables and whatnot

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  • 25 months ago
  • 3 points

Those temps don't sound right you should have more than enough rads, is the block mounted correctly? Looks great though!

  • 25 months ago
  • 2 points

well done ! I like the build and good job on the water cooling loop

  • 25 months ago
  • 2 points

Your front RAD is choking. I love this case and this is an amazing build, but the airflow on the front rads must turn 90 degrees minimum before venting out/into the side. With so much work into this case, I would consider a front panel mod. Def a +1

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