I built this computer a year or so ago, its basically just evolved for a while with different parts being swapped out from time to time.

Very happy with how it turned out, might do an upgrade to a skylake build in the coming months.

Only regret is not having a side window because it looks so nice inside :\

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Great cooler, keeps a 4.3 oc nice and cool with no problems. I had to replace the stock fans because they were a bit too loud, might want to factor that into any silent builds.

Looks really sharp though.


Really nice looking motherboard with plenty of features, pretty dated now but MSI have consistently shown me quality.

Video Card

I really like this GPU, very big, handles a lot of newer AAA games quite well. Definitely showing its age lately while using VR but that is expected.


This case is extremely easy to work in, it has basically everything someone could ask for. I only left off a start because I don't like how they did the side panel with kind of a mesh screen that you can mount a 200mm fan, wish it was clear.

Case Fan

I absolutely love these fans, the interchangeable color rings make coordinating colors a breeze. Also they have rubber on the mounts for vibration reduction making them very quite. I have bought them several times since this computer.

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  • 40 months ago
  • 2 points

That's nasty!

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

That big fan on the side shocked me wow

  • 40 months ago
  • 1 point

Comes with the case, not super keen on the side panel but whateva.

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