After using hand-me-down computers for years, I decided to finally build my own. I am high school student and built this as a project with my father. Lots of fun, many hours of research (I probably spent 10x more time researching than I did actually building the thing). I wanted something that I could do some gaming with, run my three monitors, and be a generally fast computer that will last for a long time (Future Proofing).

I'm still running the Windows 10 Technical Preview as I am waiting for the rest of my rebates to come in before I buy a real OS. However, the system seems snappy already, about 40 sec boots which is good for a HDD and an unstable OS. Runs Battlefield 3 across all three of my monitors at 45fps on medium, hovering around 50fps when I force it to one monitor in 1080p on Ultra. Bioshock Infinite at 1080p, Ultra, between 35-60fps.

Temperatures were something I was concerned about (Hence why I bought two case fans) Since I was running an i5 and 750ti with stock coolers. Prime 95 gets my Cpu no higher than 81, averaging between 79/80. While these aren't stellar temps, they are just fine as it will never be running at 100% load while gaming.

I purchased an unlocked cpu and an SLI mobo simply for future-proofing. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze an extra year or two out of the CPU by overclocking later, and SLI just in case.

Apologies for the horrible picture backgrounds, wrinkles white sheet was all I could find. Also, the AF140 LED fan looks blue in some of the pictures, but I can assure you it is a very nice white (As seen in the rest of the pics).

Part Reviews


Good mobo, wish It had a few more fan ports but oh well. With the option to do SLI and a nice HD BIOS I really like it. The BIOS does have some visual bugs though, and weird splash screens prevent super fast boots. Would recommend to a friend however.


What's there to say, its RAM. Did great though stress test, had to modify the clock speed in the BIOS to run at 1866 but that isn't the RAM's fault.

Video Card

750 Ti is the best price/performance/ power card imo. Great! Can run Battlefield 3 on high at 45-60 fps, Bioshock infinite on Highest with 30-50 fps.


Absolutely amazing case for the money! Very stable, metal, LOTS of room which is perfect for a first time builder.

Case Fan

Loud when running at full speed (Probably also has to do with my positioning). Moves a lot of air and easy to install.

Case Fan

Looks cool, quiet, LED's not too bright.


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That video card is quite cheap. Is it good for the price?

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Very good for the cost! Plays better than Xbox One and PS4. Low power draw, quiet. If you want a good graphics card to play modern titles on medium settings @1080p, don't look any further!