First PC - used mostly for gaming and general desktop usage

Minor issues:

  • Two front case fans, one mobo chassis fan connector

  • Case screws (for side panel with clear view in) are finicky

Overall I like this build a fair bit. Buying everything on Cyber Monday helped with savings quite a lot. Rather powerful, I have had no issues with frame rates on ultra settings for most games.

Part Reviews


Great product, good value, powerful enough for plenty of needs

CPU Cooler

No issues, popular for a reason. You can definitely get something that runs cooler for similar pricing or for a bit more.


Smaller than expected (not used to micro ATX) but fits everything I want and hasn't presented any issues. I would prefer if it shipped with the latest BIOS but flashing it isn't a huge pain.


No issues - plenty of RAM and plenty fast enough for my needs


Small but snappy. No issues

Video Card

Runs everything I play on Ultra with 60 (new build even get 144 solid) frames.


A fine case, build quality is meh. Not bad but not amazing. Screws are finicky.

Power Supply


Make sure to fully plug in the extra cables (sata, molex, etc.) or it won't power up at all.

Operating System

Eh. It works.

Wireless Network Adapter

Works, but ethernet is better. I get great connectivity on my laptop, echo, and roku all in the same room but this barely scrapes by. The wifi access point is a little farther away than ideal but still. Fine product none the less.


Great, solid build quality. Resolution is fantastic and 60 frames get the job done.


Wobbly base, but acceptable build quality. Screen itself is great.


Pretty and functional


Love it. Macros, weighting, the feel... All great.


Big and a mouse pad


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Instead of two displays with different resolutions you could have gotten a 144hz 1080p and your 1080p monitor. Then again, that's just my personal preference. I'm pretty sensitive to low framerates. Otherwise great build, and good luck.

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Not bad, really stout list of parts for your first build. Are your front case fans3 or 4 pin? Either way if you dont want a ton of control over them and just want them to work, you can get a 1-2 fan splitter for like $3 and just have them both work. If they're PWM (4pin) and you want them to be controlled by the onboard fan controller youd have to spend a bit more, like $10 for a PWM fan controller. Not a huge deal but it'll let you add more fans to your PC without having to use the janky molex adapter that makes them run at a constant speed 24/7. +1

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You should get a dual-monitor stand so you can have more desk space