I had a friend ask me to build him a pc so this is what I built. The case is obviously the most interesting notable thing in this build, and it does have a story. It is actually the case from the same PC I had as a kid. I found this particular one on somebody's curb that they were throwing away because it didn't work. If you want to know why, look up bestec atx-300-12e.

Anyways, this was a fun little sleeper build in a case that was extremely annoying. If you are trying this at home with almost any prebuilt case, there are likely little metal bits sticking out between the pcie slots on the case, meaning that they either have to be dremeled or ripped out. It also doesn't have a 2.5" bay, so duct tape does the trick there.

I am also happy to say that I have officially built a modern (ish) pc with no RGB in sight!

Part Reviews


tried and true prince of cheap gaming. If like me you got it on sale because of ryzen 2000, it is a real powerhouse for core i3 prices. Also, it looks way better in cinebench with all of those threads.


It does in fact work, but not the greatest. The bios wasn't the greatest, it overclocks only ok, and it is red. At least it is b350 not a320. Also, like a lot of new msi boards, it has one of those full page splash screens that gets all weird with the loading wheel and distortion.


I swear by this kit of ram, because it looks good, and never fails to hit 3000 mhz. While it isn't trident z, it definitely does the trick almost every time.


What would you expect for $20? It isn't by any means the fastest ssd out there, but is sure as hell better than a spinner. Again, I have used this ssd seemingly a million times, and it never seems to fail me.


I liked this drive enough to go out and buy the 3tb version for myself. It seems to be quieter than the segate and WD counterparts, while being faster and cheaper. What else can I say?

Video Card

This 1050 ti seems to be the only dual fan card at the bottom of the price stackup. It isn't the twin frozr card, but it is much quieter and cooler than the asus single fan card that is at the same price. I won't dock it stars for not having a backplate, mostly because I understand that it probably would mean losing a fan, despite me wanting to see more backplates.

Power Supply

When you pay $10 for a power supply that is reasonably quiet, with black cables from a reputable brand, how could you possibly be unhappy.

Optical Drive

It does what it is supposed to. I pulled this from an old dell inspiron, and it is load af, but I don't think that buying an optical drive, let alone a high end one, at this point is completely ridiculous.

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