This is built for gaming and entertainment. The plan was to build something unusual, different to the plain old black rectangle brick that people expect pcs to build. It was also my objective to do this on a budget over several months as previous rig parts were not all compatible with the new parts. It has been decades since I built a pc from scratch and it took a lot of learning to get up to speed of new requirments. It has been a labour of love for sure. I expect at some point there may be some extra storage, a sound card and some rgb covers for the ram or a modular powerpack but so far its where I want for now.

Overclocking CPU overclocked to 3.85 GHZ - Ram over clocked to 2933

I can't add reviews for the custom added items. I wish Partpicker would be more up to date. SO I have reviewed them here

Thermaltake Level 20 VT Micro Chassis (3 stars) This is a lovely case and easy to build in. Yes cable tidiness can be tricky as reviewers mentioned it is work but has plenty of holes for you to loop cable ties etc. with a bit of imagination. A modular power supply would have been helpful. I wish that Thermaltake had made allowances for a small hole to feed wires down the back of the motherboard, made it so that the ssd caddies on the side could go on either side and that there was an option to buy additional top panels so you can be more flexible with ventilation. Those are all things I can deal with. Unfortunatley the really negative is Thermaltakes nonexistent customer service. I have filled out their contact forms three times and not even received as much as an acknowledgment. Also ono the feet on the chasis was broken. So they lost 2 stars. It was a quility case apart from that.

Raijintek Iris 14 fans (5 stars) Superb fans, powerful quiet and have a range of rgb modes. Beautiful!

Raijintek Orcus AIO 240mm (3 stars) The fans can only display solid colour. Everywhere online you will see pictures where they are depicted displaying mutliple colours which it just can't do. The PWM 4 pin connectors on CPU RGB and the fans are 12v and have large connectors. These are not compatible with the Iris 14 fans which Raijintek tell me are 12V addressable. They have small connectors. The result is I now have two rgb fan headers and remotes. Fortunatley I can plug them into my asus motherboard and use aurora sync. The only option would be to replace the 120mm fans on the orcus to get consistan RGB style function across all the fans. Raijintek however have great customer service. They were very friendly and had great customer service. The incompatability between their products might have been unearthed with more investigation on my part but it was not immeadietly obvious on their site or overclockers.

Part Reviews


Brilliant for the price. Speedy and easily overclockable


Nice compact motherboard with lots of features. Very easy to use Bios and good fail safes which stopped me killing my rig when I did something stupid. I've yet to find a use for the on board RGB as none of my RGB could plug into it.


Does the job but was a pain in the gonads to overclock. I don't know if it was the ram or the motherboard. It was only when I moved it from slots A1B1 to A2B2 on the motherboard that I could overclock it to 2933


Drevo offer the cheapest fast storage solutions out there.

Video Card

I love this GPU. It's design is beautiful to look at and influenced me to get a case where I could have it side on and see it through tempered glass. It's quiet and powerful. On 1080p frame rates are excellent on high or ultra settings ranging from 70-140 on many titles I have tried. It can normally perform well at 1440p and at 4K on some titles.

Power Supply

It is silent and still powering my rig inspite of energy hungry gpu and eye bulging RGB everywhere!

Operating System

It's the devil we know


Good reliable monitor for day to day gaming but lacks modern features. I recenlty had a donation of a 4K tv so it has since been replaced but I would have stuck with it had I the space in my room.


Drevo offer the cheapest fast storage solutions out there. However I was disappointed that it did not come with a screw to pin to the motherboard (so it looses a star for that.) I contacted them and they were very swift in their response to inform me it did not come with one. Still it was quick and easy to fit and the instructions were clear.


I suffer from RSI at times and this really relieves it. It can be hard to play FPS but once I got use to it I found weird to use normal mice as don't seem so responsive or intuitive as this trackball. It is great if you have confined desk space. I would have liked it to be wireless and had some extra buttons. Point of note you can program right and left buttons to act as third button press when pressed simultaneously.

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looks good! but bruh... what is that mouse lolol

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Do you like RGB?

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Nice build!