First build for me and my son. I tend to get a little carried away with stuff so this may be a bit much for a 9 year old playing Fortnite, but I love watching the light show and no complaints on the performance. Coming in with zero experience building these things, I took a lot of clues and inspiration from this site. My biggest concern was if it would run too hot and if my unorthodox radiator mounting would be a problem. I decided to mount the Corsair RGB fans inside the case, rather than the radiator. I like the look and so far the heat isn't a problem. In additon to the parts listed I also added an NZXT internal USB hub and some Cablemod cables. I really like small form ITX builds but I can definitely see that life would have been easier with a full sized case. Cable management is a particular challenge, and I'm pretty sure I wedged the biggest graphics card possible in that case. Overall, a really fun project. Hopefully Skull Trooper won't melt on the GPU.

Part Reviews


No complaints for my gaming PC. More than enough!

CPU Cooler

Great looking and great performing. Can be a bit much for a small case but I like it.


Easy to install and works well, could have used anothert USB 2 header but solved the problem with an internal hub.


Does what it's supposed to do and the RGB is crazy.


Quick and Reliable storage at a good price.


Overall I love the look of this case and I was able to get everything mounted and running. So far ventilation is fine.

Power Supply

Way more power than I needed but I thought that's what you're supposed to do with power supplies. Full modular is the way to go.

Operating System

Hey, I can use my Xbox controller in Minecraft!

Case Fan

I used the plastic mounts and everything is dead quiet.


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I installed a h100i pro to this case but the front panel can't close due to the radiator. How did you manage to close yours with the same radiator on the outside?

  • 4 months ago
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awesome build :)

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Nice build. I had a ATX size Corsair 850 PSU in same H200 case, and GPU temp is around 80℃ when I play games. But I replaced it to Corsair SFX 750, the size is much smaller than ATX PSU and I get plenty room for airflow under my Asus ROG 2070. Now the highest temp is just 68℃。

Also I have a question for you, I tried 4 different graphic cards to see if it will fit in H200 case, my current ROG 2070 is 49mm and it’s already touch the case stand. How could you fix a 58mm 2080 Ti in there? I really want to get a better graphic card, if it can fit for 58mm card then I would replace my 2070 to 2070 super maybe.

  • 4 months ago
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As for your question about graphic card. I also tried several graphic card and ended up with a MSI RTX 2080 Ventus V2. You can see in my build with the first picture. I still have the push and pull aio config. I already checked out if I want RTX 2080TI, then I would have to sacrifice the push and pull config. The available cards would be RTX 2080 FE or one of the cards from EVGA.

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Sorry for the delay, haven't logged in a bit. I honestly never measured anything, just used pcpartpicker; it said it would fit and it does. The specs on the website say 54mm not 58mm but that doesn't explain why your 49mm card is so tight. The only space issue I had with the card was lengthwise when I tried to mount the radiator and fans inside the case (which does not work). I considered going with a smaller PSU because, my temps were in the 80's during gaming as well. After a bit of trial and error with the fan curves I am running high 60's to low 70's during aggressive gaming. It's not silent, but the room I'm in isn't silent either, so I don't notice it.

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What kind of fan ajustment you did to bring the temps from 80's to 60/70's? I have a 2080 super FE

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Extremely nice build but you spent too much money on an RTX 2080ti build.

  • 4 months ago
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Probably, like I said, I tend to get carried away.

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Just a little bit maybe. But for a first build, it's pretty amazing. I'm building my first build as well pretty soon.