I've always wanted to build a computer but lacked the funding to do so. I decided to do the next best thing and build for others. This PC is for a family friend who wanted a PC for photo editing.

Let me know if you have questions about the build, I'd be more than happy to answer.

Part Reviews


Yes yes I know the GTX 1060 I chose will hold back this CPU, but my dad gets discounts on intel processors and $176 for a 7700k is 100% worth it so we used that. It's not coffee lake, but it still runs great and I haven't been able to trip it up yet...

CPU Cooler

Water cooling. This was the cheapest one I could find with good reviews. I didn't feel the need for a larger rad as no MAJOR overclocking would be done. Keeps the CPU cool and quiet. Sometimes makes an occasional gurgle, but that's ok for me.


I chose this motherboard because it opens up the possibility of overclocking later on, and it comes with wifi. The price I got it for proved to be more efficient than buying a mobo and a wifi card separately. I realized after almost finishing the build that the USB 3 header was broken on mine, but I just bought a USB 3 card with a header for like $15 on Amazon since I didn't feel like taking everything apart again. Took two stars off because of this problem, it was really annoying.


Surprisingly, this was the cheapest RAM I could find at the time. Looks great, works great.


Great SSD... nothing much to say here.


Does it's job, stores stuff.

Video Card

I wish I could've gotten him a 1070 or an RX 580 but there were budget limitations so I had to put a 1060 in. It still works great for the purposes its used for. Unfortunately, it didn't fit the color scheme but oh well... you win some you lose some.


It's white, so it fit the color scheme I was kinda going for and I got it on sale for a good price. For $46, it's a great case... Lots of cabling room, a PSU shroud and front panel USB 3. Definitely would recommend.

Power Supply

Got this for $25 (32 including shipping). Great buy, it's semi modular and hasn't exploded. A little louder than the EVGA PSU in my dad's PC.

Operating System

Nice. Windows.

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Does your dad work at intel???

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yeah lol he does

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I want to work as an engineer for AMD after I graduate colledge

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Good luck

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Don't troll.

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me? i wasnt trolling do...