Quiet, Practical, Powerful

It is located near me in a corner so quiet is important for this capable gaming build.

Case has fans that are nearly silent.

CPU fan is nearly silent. Delidded CPU runs in the mid 60's C with heavy gaming.

Power supply is nearly silent, even with heavy gaming. Passive at idle.

At idle, I can't tell if computer is on or not.

Graphics card is not perfect. With heavy gaming the GPU runs in the mid 70's C and the fan makes noticeable noise. This card is supposed to be one of the quietest for this performance level so I am looking at solutions such as; Using CLU or other liquid metal TIM. Changing fan profile and letting it run hot. Going with liquid cooling.

UPDATE: Flipped PSU upside down, as suggested in comments, and saw a good temp drop. Balancing case and GPU fan profiles has brought under-load sound level down quite a bit. I plan on adding a fan to the bottom of the case to decrease sound further.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Good: Reasonable price. Great: Low sound. Questionable: Big! Make sure you have room. Bad: Heat sink surface not flat at all. Required heavy sanding and lapping to get flat.

Thermal Compound

Thicker paste that is not super easy to apply but appears to be very effective, which is what matters.


My second Ultra Durable model. Very capable and just as good as more expensive "gaming" models.


It's memory.. It works. Minor overclock was stable too.


It's an SSD that works well, so of course it's awesome. Hard drives are like racing cars... avoid spinning!

Video Card

Sweet performance and I'll have to take the word of official reviews claiming this as one of the quietest since I don't have anything to compare it to. But it needs lots of case cooling if you want to keep the fan speed down.


It's Quiet! That was my main goal with this case and it came through. With a case there are always things that are done right, done wrong, and things that are okay, but could be better. This case hits the "done right" mark on nearly every point. It's big, and it's heavy, so that could be a negative if it matters to you. Otherwise, if you want a quiet case at a reasonable price, this is the way to go.

Power Supply

Passive under most conditions. Under heavy load any other system fans are going to be louder so it is essentially silent.

Operating System

This is the logical sequel to Windows 7. Windows 8 is like a sequel to Windows ME. The only negatives are always the privacy concerns... So don't be a sheep and just click the automatic setup. It let's you turn off all those intrusive privacy settings if you want.


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a solution for keeping your GPU cooler would be to add an 2nd intake fan to the front of the case. I would give that a try, and if that doesn't work, add a 3rd fan to the side panel. Just see if that works, rather than spending more on different cooling solutions.

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Agreed. This type of GPU cooler relies on good airflow since all the hot air just gets pushed around the case instead of being exhausted out the back like you'd see with the reference blower type. Before investing in expensive solutions like CLC's and custom loops, I would try adding some fans to the case to provide more airflow. Maximum airflow: Remove the 3.5" HDD cage and toss another intake fan in the front, and since that case has filters in the bottom put a couple fans there too (just don't put the case on carpet). Two more fans as exhaust in the top to quickly get rid of that hot air circulating the case will help too. If you add some exhaust, I'd also flip over your PSU so it gets its own air from below and doesn't fight the GPU for all that fresh air coming in.

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Good call! Flipping over the PSU helped a lot. Never occurred to me to do such a thing. Gaming load on CPU dropped from 65ish to 60ish and GPU dropped from 76ish to 70ish.

I want to avoid more fans because that usually means more noise. Especially if I put them on the top. I played with GPU and case fan control and got a balance where neither one makes much noise and the GPU goes back up to 76ish. Bottom fan could probably help without adding noise so I'm going to consider that.

Thanks for the tip!

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+1 for the obligatory cat-in-the-box

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What is the spec list for the PC in pic 5 :P

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Intel iHazCheezburger CPU 128GB cAtDATA RAM 2 Radeon Furys in Catfire

Other assorted puns to follow.

(I'm sorry)

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It's actually using a Cat Micro Devices F(eline)X Cat Processing Unit with 2 Radeon Furrys in Catfur, a Seagate Barracatta HDD, an A-Cata ssd, a cats-hair C(at)X430 power supply, and, if you look very closely you can C47gb of catston RAM. It is also using a Nermaltake case and was assembled with an anti-dog wriststrap.

(I'm even more sorry)

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Cable managed like a boss!

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As a matter of curiosity how is that Kryonaut thermal compound? A friend of mine told me it was a little thin in comparison to others and a little harder judge quantites but I keep seeing people getting pretty good results with it and I may give it a try instead of my usual Prolimatech PK-3 on the next build since it seems to be half the price. :P

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I used the Kryonaught direct to die and my full load temp went from 94c to 77c. But the 94c was before delidded so not a direct comparison. But it is definitely on the thick side, not thin at all.

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Great. I thought it might be okay... he's gotten too used to using LM I think

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cute cat plus awesome cable management 10/10