I'm re-uploading with a picture for PCPP approval.


I built this a few years back but have been upgrading here and there. I would like to do a full body upgrade this year. But I've loved this build since day 1.


Peripherals and some parts have made their way over to my my second build.


Direct link to parts

Second Build


  • 05/23/2018 - Added new images with some improved cable management, and new parts (cooler/PSU). Getting parts that allow the opportunity to fully upgrade in the future to 8/9th gen build.

Part Reviews


I never OC'd this CPU, but I've never had a problem since day 1. I've recently grown to acknowledge some lag performance, which prompted my second build.

CPU Cooler

Huge upgrade from my old Hyper 212 and C7 coolers, and looks forward to overclocking my 3570K, and eventually upgrading to a new gen CPU/build and bringing this cooler over. Cables are a bit stiff, and wish they'd used the ML fans.


The mobo came with 1 case standoff missing the grounded holes (wording?), so I've always had a missing screw (didn't want to attach it for obv reasons). Other than that, worked as needed. Wasn't always a fan of the ASRock software that was used for the fan management.


Fast boot up times, but I wish I had gone with a larger size. Pricing wasn't in the works for me at the time. Now I'm rocking a 500GB.

Video Card

Still runs smoothly. After the 5 years, I've only re-applied paste once (recently), and it runs just as well as when I got it. But it is time to upgrade.


Minimal to start with, but over time had trouble with it. The side panels require an exorbitant amount of pressure to yank off. Also, the metal filter grid had metal tabs that would bend to hold the filter in place. These tabs eventually bent off, and you're left with sharp pieces of metal that I used pliers to bend open/closed during the cleaning process. Cable management is okay.

Operating System

Must have.


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For the curious, it's the build on the left.

I'll include more pictures soon. I want to clean it up first, then get some close ups.

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I just have to ask, is that a sock by the PSU? +1 for black tube sock if it is.

  • 18 months ago
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Yes!!!! hahahhahaha It's a low-cut ankle sock to cushion the extra cables from the non-modular PSU lmao. Simple, but effective xD

Edit: the cables are INSIDE the sock, not resting on it. In case that wasn't clear.

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Ah, hence all the stinking wires (due to non-modular PSU). But regardless, the sock is a cheap method of solving the issue.

Edit: non-modular wouldn't be as big of a problem if there was a psu shroud like in your second build. Right?

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Correct, but less cable the better overall for me. Less to have to shove around when performing maintenance, plus improved airflow - as minute as it is. Also, lighter.

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Yeah, I didn't think about the little bit of airflow change. I have been looking for a new case for my pc, was thinking about the tessaract from deepcool but man that NZXT on your other build is mighty nice.

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Check the latest pic. New cooler and modular PSU so no more sock!!! Cable management improvements too lol

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RIP sock. You will be missed.