For a long time, I wanted to change my old iPad for a brand new PC that would allow me to achieve great things. I got stuck for five years with the same iPad, and even though I gained a lot of experience on it, in the end it became unbearably slow and laggy, so I decided it was time to move on, and I finally got into the long and stressful journey of building your own PC.

It was my first build and I didn't knew a thing about components and all that stuff, but after a long time spent reading and searching, I started to buy everything I needed, then when I got everything, I took the decision to build it on my own instead of going in store. It has been way more simple than I thought, and I don't have any regrets about my choice.

So here is my very first and stunning build which I am proud to present. Even if everything isn't perfectly optimized (My mobo doesn't overclock while my CPU can, I got 2400MHz RAM while my mobo can't go over 2133MHz, etc.), it works well for now and I don't have any problem with it (even though my title suggests that I do, it has nothing to do with it). I might upgrade it later since I don't have any graphic card, and I might change my motherboard as well, but for now I am perfectly satisfied with it.

Aside with my basic needs, I use it for Music Production and Photoshop.

Part Reviews


Got this CPU at the price of an i5-6500, so why not. Absolutely amazed with the performances of this one, even thought I cannot overclock since my motherboard doesn't allow it.

CPU Cooler

This Be Quiet! CPU cooler is... quiet. Nothing to add, I like it !


Pretty great motherboard for the price !


I absolutely love this RAM, even if my motherboard won't go over 2133 MHz, it's still performing very well and visually stunning.


I've never experienced a pure SSD so I cannot compare this one with a SSD, but compared to a traditional hard drive, it's really fast ! Windows gets booted under 10 seconds.


Absolutely amazing case, I seriously have nothing bad to say about it, except that the window is easy to scratch. Otherwise, that's an awesome an aesthetic case that I would recommend to anyone.

Operating System

Haven't been on a modern Windows for a while, but I absolutely love Windows 10.

Wireless Network Adapter

Efficient Wi-Fi card, nothing else to say !


The mouse is pretty small and the keyboard's material feels a bit cheap, but overall for the price that's a great deal.


These speakers sounds really great, perfect for my needs.


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+1 Parce que tu parles Français XD, nice build by the way

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Merci xD

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Ayyy you speak french? 1+ for the white themed setup

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Yeah I speak french ;)

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