The bugdet Intel cpu gamer.. Parts here are pretty scarce so i had to bought what we have in stock, since Amazon/Newegg doesnt do shipping here(or pretty expensive). It is my first pc build ever, and no problems so far. It can max any game i throw at it. I will upload more pics later

Part Reviews


Does the job for me even in 2019, even it is 4c/4t ,Little expensive than its competition AMD Ryzen, but it is worth getting. The stock cooler is loud, so i used a custom fan curve to get it silent. Max load temperature in any game is 60-61c. It can run any game with proper GPU


I paid 75 usd for this motherboard. Its among the basic out there. It has only two seats for ram. It is good for bugdet build. Even it has led lighting! I love the bios interface.


Not the fastest ssd but does the job. What you can expect from 35 usd SSD? Windows boots up to 16 sec. Huge improvement to a old HDD


I used it from a laptop, and been using it almost 5 years! No problems so far, but the speed is significant decreased! The windows boots up to 1min

Video Card

Bought it second hand. It can max all games and still get resonable FPS. OC mode runs a little hot, it goes up to 80-81c. It has higher power consumption on heavy demanding games. In Witcher 3 goes up to 170w. Underclock/undervolt is a great solution for this card. It does procudes some clicking/coil whine if FPS exceeds more than 60.


Good case for under 35 $. It has really nice looking, great cable management, and you can fit a long GPU. Front panel is little complicated for removing, so I had to bend some plastic caps Air flow is not that bad is you have atleast 1 good CFM case fan cooler as intake. It has case filter on all sides.

Power Supply

No idea why does people avoiding this psu but i think it is among the best bugdet psu you can get for under 55 usd. On +12v rail it can produce 46a, so that means around 550w. The fan inside is very silent, i thought it came fanless :D Cons: - no modular - cheap looking

Case Fan

This case fan does the job for me. I like green LED. It has really powerfull CFM. Very noisy at full speed(2000 rpm). Even it is 3 pin connector i can set speed from my mobo, so i keep it to resonable rpm 1200-1300. Its good at this speed

Case Fan

Very noisy even at lowest speed. I can hear it through all my bed room At full speed sounds like a broken washing machine bearing.


Cheap bugdet monitor for 110 $. It has 60hz, Been in use almost 1.5 month, i can say very good IPS panel. The colours are solid. Cons: - bright even at 0 % brightness slider

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  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

My favorite build with the intel stock cpu cooler!

  • 7 months ago
  • 2 points

A quad core CPU, 16 GB of RAM, SSD boot drive with 500 GB for mass storage, and an rx 580 GPU. That's a pretty cozy build for about $650. My first laptop (a Pentium cpu using integrated graphics) was just barely this much when I got it back in 2013 and I was happy to be able to play games like Oblivion and Fallout new vegas on low medium settings at 1366 x 768. If I had a pc like this, I would have been so much happier in college.

  • 7 months ago
  • 1 point

Thank you sir. Yes its a quad core but still does the job. It can outmax any console right moment. As i said i can play any game i throw at this pc at resonable settings, etc mixture of high-ultra settings. It can go up to 1440p, but with fps drop. I had a two options here. Either i3 8100 or Ryzen 2600. This thing has 6 core. But doesnt have a integrated graphics. But i'm skeptical about Ryzen :D Never used em. whole life i'm Intel consumer. That GPU i bought second hand. Its a great second hand gpu. As i said above parts here are pretty scarce. If you find em at the local store, they will be at insane price. Like example 1050 ti here cost 220 usd. Thats pretty crazy. I was fascinated with the performance from this PC :) I think idle and load temp are very nice for stock cooler too. Idle and browsing is about 29-35c.