I use this for studying weather, astronomy, lite video rendering, and an occasional game. I like to safely benchmark my system so I can document my findings for future reference. All this is relatively new for me, and I'm trying to study all I can so my system will be stable, and last me many years.

I have had no problems with this Intel Build. It has been a lot of fun to build. The only thing with me is it takes me quite a while to save the money for my Computer parts, as they are very expensive. So I have to be extra safe, but I'm very happy to finally have a faster computer with better graphics.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone on PcPartPicker that has helped me over the last 6 months with your advice, and thoughts. It's helped me greatly, and I really appreciate it.

I'm trying to safely learn system stabilization. Please refer to owners manual specs, and directions always.

I7-6700k benhmarks: 4.6ghz at 1.300volts for one hour on Asus Real Bench, and Core Temp.

0-74c-----#1-73c-----#2-64c-----#3-68c Max. Core Temps at the end of 1 hour

i7-6700k benckmarks: 4.8ghz at 1.340volts for 8 minuites on Asus Real bench, and Core Temp.

0-76c----#1-75c----#2-66c-----#3-71c Max Core Temps at the end of 8 minuites

I'm currently on 4.3ghz. at 1.265volts manual with DiGi-minimum Load line Calibration V-droop I tried the auto TPU calibration, but I didn't feel comfortable using the Automatic app. Using the Automatic app makes me nervous watching my VID voltage fluctuate? I'm still learning, and I feel more comfortable doing overclocking in bios manually. It gives me a sense of having more control, and safety over my system.

I'm only in the early phases of learning about my PC, and it's components. I'm only a beginner trying to be as safe as possible.

I'm Looking forward to "AMD 8 core / 16 thread ZEN Processor, and upcoming RX-490 GPU, and installing the new 3D-Xpoint-Optane SSD with installing all three of these new components for my next build 2017.

Part Reviews


I am very satisfied that I spent the extra money for this processor. I can now multitask between applications very quick, and efficiently. It's so nice to finally have a PC that I look forward to using everyday.

CPU Cooler

I had to save, and spend more money to include this, but looking back I'm very happy that I purchased it. It allows my I7-6700k to operate safe, smooth, and fast always.


I'm very happy that I waited to purchase this particular motherboard. This motherboard has everything I wanted, and needed. I have never had any problems. In my opinion if I stay with in the boundaries of the motherboard "Specs' I believe it will last a very long time.

I'm no expert, but i think that spending a little bit more to get a motherboard rated for Overclocking, better sound, and SSD upgrade ability will then in turn allow the motherboard to last longer when used at a more optimal higher performance level.

If you are a person that uses your computer constantly, and do not want to ever experience any problems with your PC? I recommend this Mother Board For You. I think Asus tried to reach out to PC Enthusiast everywhere with this tough motherboard, and It's affordable price.


These work very well with the Asus Maximus VIII Hero motherboard, and i7-6700k processor. I went into my bios, and set XMP to 3200hz. Very smooth, and fast system matching components.


This 950 Pro was a great choice for starting purposes Now I can hardly wait for the 3D-Xpoint-Optane SSD technology to be released. I really enjoy installing the fastest SSD technology for my Windows-10 to operate at the fastest speeds possible.

In the future I want to use SSD's for my main PC storage, and then use my HDD's for "Cloned Backup Storage Retrieval Purposes." I'm hoping that the future SSD Technology will allow me to use an SSD to store everything at fast Read/Write speeds as my primary storage.


As the SSD Technology Advances, and SSD prices get more affordable I will be using these Mechanical Drives for "Cloned Back Up OS Storage Only"

This Mechanical Drive Unit is still very dependable.

Video Card

I went with this GTX 970 4gb . This is a very nice Graphics Card, and I have experienced no limitations. I can run any games at high levels.


This was better that I thought. In my opinion what a very well built case. It doesn't have room for an optical drive unit, but I just use a external Blue-Ray/Read/write Optical drive unit for what ever PC I'm using by connection of usb cable.

Power Supply

This Is a very nice power supply. 750 watts is plenty for 1 video card of any class. I only use 1 Video Card at a time in any of my PC's.

Operating System

I really like Windows - 10. It runs very smooth

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  • 48 months ago
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Good Work There C4C

  • 48 months ago
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What is your reason for taking off the io cover on the mobo? I have the Hero Alpha in my build and think that looks great.

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  • 48 months ago
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Are you keen for the Pascal and very recently released RX 480 at stunning value, considering if you need money you could get alot out of AMD, but no CUDA and pascal is more expensive...

  • 48 months ago
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Since you like AMD so much, why didn't you get an R9 390? Or waited until the end of the month to get an RX 480?

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  • 46 months ago
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How Many Fans Did The Case Come With???

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