I use this PC mainly for gaming! I do a little bit of video recording/editing and some Photoshop! I'm going to college for Digital Media Technologies under Film and Television, I'll probably be doing a little bit of web design and graphic design classes here and there just to get some more information and knowledge.

I ran into two issues, more like annoyances. But the USB 3.0 is just so thick and annoying to maneuver somewhere and the headers on the mobo seem to be in weird spots! And the motherboard is too short, I have 3 motherboard standoffs right on the edge of the motherboard, that whole side of the mobo honestly, makes me worried ill break it when I put ram in or fans, etc! It really bothers me, but, i'm impatient and I wasn't going to send the mobo or case back, because I waited weeks for this stuff in the first place, and I WANNA GAME DAMN IT!

I haven't overclocked yet, because i'm not too familiar with how to, and I just dont trust myself! I decided to go with white and black theme because I have a Deaf Albino Great Dane named Luna with a big black spot above her tail! She also had a red collar, but my Mother got her a pink one, but they don't make pink RAM! I went with Phanteks CPU mostly because I just think heat-sinks like that look a lot better then something like a Cooler Master 212 evo! I also need to replace the red fan in the front, I didn't get my fourth white fan, and the phanteks one is too god damn loud! I plan on getting either 4 NZXT white fans or Corsairs new LED white fans! Still not sure. Also my LED strip is a little too long, but it lightens up your world like nobody else, so I mean why not? lol!

AND I KNOW, headset and keyboard don't match! Yes strike me down and hang me by my toes! But I got the keyboard on sale for like $30 dollars, its membrane (not loud, well not as loud as mechanical) It looks nice, and its sturdy as all hell! And I got the headset for like $50 dollars, and I couldn't pass it up because it was at Walmart and I was in a rush!

Oh yeah, I use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Sony Vegas and Davinci Resolve! I play Insurgency, Dirty Bomb, GTA V, Metro, minecraft, overwatch, CSGO, battlefield 1, Payday 2, Division, Wildlands and Assassin Creed games and Farcry, basically every game that most people play! OH! Arma 3 and DayZ, those type of games. I like guns Dude, DONT HATE! Sometimes Ill play paragon, but I suck at MOBAs!

Part Reviews


Its a CPU, it does its job, Price needs to go down (Ryzen). But it performs like expected, no heating issues at all!

CPU Cooler

Easy installation, (Follow LGA 1150 for LGA 1151), Quiet fan that also keeps everything cool, Not ugly looking, Has a black heat-sink which looks nice, and its made well!


Its overpriced now, but I got it fort $120. Has all the features I need, but could use better re position of USB 3.0 headers and maybe more fan headers


No problems, nice color, low profile and sleeeeeek!


Was cheaper, but it performs awesome, kind of feels cheap, but it's faster than my HDD!


Performs fast and Quiet for a HDD, no problems whatsoever


Got it from an alienware laptop. Its kind of loud for some reason. works tho!

Video Card

Stays cool for normal GPU temps, fans are jet engine, has sag but not bad sag, Wish it had a back plate and AMD radeon settings pretty much declocked(right, underclocked?) so it wouldnt use up energy, like AMD I can pay my bills! But it was a simple set power back to 50!


Roomy, SSD brackets seem weird for me, theres a pump thingie holder placer thing above the HDD cage, its pointless, and I didnt get an awesome screw box organizer like others did :(, the fans are loud now, quiet at first but got louder!

Power Supply

Works, is not loud, Cables nicely sleeved, but GPU cables are both cables that have a 8pin little extender thingie on it. IT SUCKS!

Operating System

Little too much garbage with windows, but I like it and it feels smooth!

Wireless Network Adapter

Its kind of big, But it performs exactly like its Ethernet, I've seen it!

Case Fan

Ugly cables and comes with molox connector and a 3pin fan header connector!


Freesync, big, nice color and LIGHT, no bleeding, awesome stand, and is sturdy, only 6ms tho :(


Has RGB leds, smooth, easy interface and not big or heavy. CSGO pro Certified (Goosebreeder) Female CSGO Pro)


Has nice bass and sound and plug and play, But cable is now getting tangled and just sticking with the bend it has, wont leave the bend! -/-


A little big, but nice and bright, magnets kind of suck!


a nice size, nice quality and cheap. Got it for 10 dollars! instead of that $20


Nicely built, LEDs are a little dim through key caps, but it works and its plug and play!


So I use this for college? nice, screen could be brighter, battery is a 24 hour battery but it lasts. and its sturdy, a little heavy!

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About the GPU - the thing is that MSI is putting only a single 8-pin power connector on almost all RX 580/570 AMD cards. That is why even the MSI 580 Gaming X isn't overclockable. The MSI Armor series are not made for overclocking anyway.

The microstuttering is most probably due to the previous owner clocking the card, and the standard MSI AMD Gaming X can't be overclocked.

The only two MSI AMD midrange models with 2 x 8-pin power connectors (capable of clocking) are 580 Gaming X+ and 580 Gaming+, which sold out instantly.

On the other hand, all the high-end Vega series have 2 x 8-pins.

Cute build.

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