So I'm tempted to say this build started as a machine with a R5 1500X with a 1050ti, but hardly any components from that build remain, and it was even in another case. But after months of slowly upgrading things here and there, here is what I expect to remain the final form for a good while.

I did a lot of bargain hunting and waiting for good prices, the only thing I paid an outlandish amount for is the RAM, I got one kit at its peak just because a buddy said he had more RGB components, couldn't let that happen :/ Other than that I feel pretty good about what I have into it over all, and getting a 1080ti for $650 was amazing. I had seen that price online once or twice but I hate shipping so when MicroCenter had one for $650 I left work to go get one.

This thing rips, it has no issue running PUBG at 120+ fps, and can stream at 1080p at the same time. I'm at work at the time of writing but I will add some benchmark info in here soon.

Misc. Thoughts:

NVMe boot drives are cool and all, but a three 500gb SSD RAID 0 array? Yes please. It's like 1.35tb all formatted and has most of my steam library filling it to the brim. I see like 1200 mb/s reads and 1000 mb/s writes. No load times for this hombre.

RTX tech is cool and all, but a 2080 is the same horsepower as a 1080ti so far, and for another $200~ bucks, 2080ti is more powerful for sure but at double the cost. I'll probably get a RTX card when prices come down or if the tech proves to be absolutely baller.

The Corsair Crystal 570X is freaking beautiful. Every angle is just hot to look at. Only problem I have with it is it is damn near impossible to get a good photo of the thing without the glass reflecting the room behind me, but such is tempered glass life I guess.

The Corsair LL fans are also sexy as hell. You can do all kind of stuff with them, and the fact that they sync with the lights on my peripherals turning my entire desk into waves of light blue and pink (retro wave all day)

And the peripherals: if you've noticed a Corsair theme you're probably not alone, it's about the first thing I'm asked, "why all the corsair stuff?" It's because I like it. I know it's not the best deal, and that there are way cheaper options, especially in the RGB mech keyboard market. But the fact that they're all super nice build quality, they're tough as all hell (seriously I have another M65 mouse that was run over by a car, and despite missing a fair amount of body it still works just fine, RGB and all.) And the Void Pro wireless is just comfy as all get up. I wear the thing all day sometimes and never get tired of it.

Love my Vive, have a sim racing setup in the works to support it.

ps. yes I know that's a MSI GPU in the first photo, I haven't bothered to take the time to get a good one since getting that 1080ti! The MSI GPU is a R9 390, the hottest card to ever exist. I love the "Intel is a thermonuclear bomb" memes, but for real that card will hit it's 94°C thermal limit in like 10-15 seconds.

Part Reviews


I feel like a Ryzen fan boy giving this five stars, but I love it. I can have so much stuff actually doing things in the background and have no issues gaming, handles streaming 1080p extremely well.

CPU Cooler

Great product, fans that come with it are awesome and the tubing, rad and pump feel robust. Only complaint is that plugging both fans and a sata power cable into the pump, as well as having the pump control wire, it's not the best for cable management. All the wires are thin though, so they are fairly easily hidden.

Thermal Compound

Great stuff, seems to be a little harder to clean up than other stuff I've used in the past


Wonderful board, always had good luck with gigabyte boards, just wish the RGB software was made by someone who cared


Stupid fast, no regrets about getting this thing.


Great drives, pretty dang fast and never had an issue. Pretty good for free drives

Video Card

1080ti for $650? Thanks RTX. This card runs PUBG at 144hz, and if that ain't impressive I dunno what is. Runs pretty cool too, with a fairly agressive fan curve I don't crack 65


There are no words to describe how beautiful this case is. Combined with all the other corsair RGB linked up in and around it, I pretty much jiz my pants every time I see it

Power Supply

Super nice, included cables are neatly sleeved and a neat black.

Wireless Network Adapter

Great card, pretty decent range and enough speed for gaming to be not awful on wifi

Case Fan

These fans are just freaking beautiful, with RGB on the inner and outer rings it's amazing. They lose a star because you do sacrifice a fair amount of air flow for all that beauty

Case Fan

These fans are just freaking beautiful, with RGB on the inner and outer rings it's amazing. They lose a star because you do sacrifice a fair amount of air flow for all that beauty


4k is glorious. I like high refresh rate but don't play enough competitive FPS games to make me go with 1440p 144hz. I have been loving the ability to read every little bit of text in games, and 4k content is beautiful. Color is good, IO is good, power button/menu control combo is good, and I hate most monitor controls that roll everything into one.


I love this thing so much that when I left it on the roof of my car and ran it over I went straight to get another. It's a damn fine keyboard, looks fantastic, is reliable, and has usb passthru which is great


This also got ran over and I replaced it immediately as well. Love this thing, fits in my hand like no other


Extraordinarily comfortable, great range, I just wish the battery lasted a bit longer, but maybe my unit is just seeing some age after over a year of not the best treatment for a battery.


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getting an air cooler would have been way better for temps, and moneywise the same. Also I don't think 'looks' is a legit argument here, as this is possibly the ugliest AIO I have yet to lay my eyes upon...

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You are not wrong, I went aio because the system this sorta started as was in a Fractal Design Nano S, and I had bad luck with air cooling with the previous build in that case.

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You should consider getting some rbg led stips

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Any problems with getting the ram to 3200?

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Not at all, just had to turn on XMP.

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I need to build new Build to run the following Games and Software on Dell Monitor - U3417W 3440x1440 60Hz Monitor

Game: World of Warcraft / Overwatch Software: Photoshop / Lightroom / Illustrator / Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects

My main question is if I can play these 2 games without black border is good FPS rate at this resolution of the monitor, using High or Ultra configuration in the quality of graphics.

Below the Parts List, I am open to suggestions on parts exchange or even on fanning as Cooler CPU and FAN


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In the picture he replaced the fan with a corsair rgb fan, so he probably got the cheaper version on purpose.

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I actually got it before there was an RGB version, and never intended to have it this long. I'm planning a h115i pro to replace it

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