I originally built some of this rig in 2011 with the Motherboard, HDD and 16gb of the corsair ram still being used in current build

I will start off with saying - I might of overpaid for the motherboard originally at $300 upon release - but 6 years later it's still going strong and I'm happy with it

The original build was: the ASUS 990FX Sabertooth (in current build) 16gb Corsair Vegneance DDR3 1600mhz (4gb still in current build) Corsair TX750M PSU (blew just shortly after a year) AMD Athlon X6 Phenom II Black 1090T CPU (still in great condition being used in another build) EVGA 570GTX GPU (still in great condition being used in a media center) Rosewill Challenger Case (still in okay condition being used in grandmother's computer) Western Digital 1TB Black HDD (in current build)

I will say I will never recommend corsair ram again. In fact this build as a whole has made me look towards avoiding corsair products if I can all-together now. I went through 3 sticks of the ram. I went through a PSU. Then at one point in 2013 I bought a Corsair Neutron 256gb SSD to enter the SSD fad. I installed OS and main things on it. After a few months it crashed on me completely. It took 6 months for Corsair's warranty process. In that time i picked up a samsung 840 evo 128gb SSD to get me by and I'll never touch another corsair SSD for sure after that. I've never had an issue now in 4 years with my Samsung SSD.

I freshened the build in 2013 to what you see listed.

Overall it performed great and I really don't have many regrets for the $ although I wish when I had spent money on the new PSU, I would of gotten an EVGA modular and stayed away from corsair. I also regret going with the ASUS 280x. It started artifacting and causing crashes after about 2 1/2 years. I find that life way too short for a high end GPU. It was my branch off into AMD after my 8800 GTS that is still powering my grandmother's computer to this day and my 570GTX that is powering my friend's media center rig to this day.

I regret going with the 8320 CPU as well over my 1090T - the gains were really not significant enough to warrant the replacement in my opinion as the 1090T was an extremely good CPU. That said though the 8320 has given me no issues and I can't say anything bad against it either. It has been a great reliable CPU that despite not being as efficient as Intel cpu's - for the cost difference it has handled most everything I've thrown at it and allowed me to enjoy max settings in games along with the 570GTX and 280x which were both very good powerful cards albeit the 280x did start giving me problems prematurely.

The rosewill challenger was a good budget case when I first build the computer but has limited options for cable management and just feels cheap but it's still a good value. The HAF 912 is a great case for its space however the grey inside and cable management potential doesn't stand above other alternatives - especially for some of the cases you can buy for only $10-15 more.

The 990FX i have nothing but praise for. It is going on over 6 years of dedicated heavy use and has never given me problems and still has a great bios and modern capabilities by today's standards.

Same for the Western Digital 1TB HDD. It still runs quiet, low temp, and has seen heavy usage for almost 7 years now. I'm at a point with it now where I can't be upset if it does die as it has paid for itself - I don't keep anything super important on it any more as I used to be used to 3-5 year life spans on HDD's. WD acquired a customer for life with me through this product barring any sudden drops in quality on future products like corsair (I used to be a HUGE corsair fan from 90s-late 2000's).

I'm going on 4 years with the Samsung 840 EVO SSD and it still is fast and works great. I was skeptical of SSD lifespan when they first became the new hot thing - and my first SSD, the 256gb Corsair Neutron, did not ease my doubts at all after its failure. I now am a loyal Samsung customer when it comes to SSD's though.

The Hyper 212 EVO fan I added with the 8320 and there are enough reviews of it for you to know - it's great at what it does. It's big and blocks any large heat sink ram (i could only fit 12gb of ram when I put it in, which ended up being fine since I had to use my extra unused stick of ram when one of my sticks died anyway). It isn't the prettiest but it keep the 8320 as cool as I've seen some liquid cooled cpus under heavy loads. It's a great buy.

The 570GTX I started with was an amazing card - I can't say enough good things about it. BF4 and Planetside 2 prompted my replacement of it - however it still played them fine with some lowered settings with 30+fps.

The 280x is a great powerful card when working. It was night and day over the 570GTX. I was absolutely thrilled with it. Great card and great value when I got it at release for $298 when the competitor with equivalent performance was the $400-430 770GTX at the time. However as I mentioned above, my past nvidia cards are all still working perfectly today. The AMD 280x still works but is glitchy and has issues - it'll likely die under much more use. I'm selling it with my current build and have told the buyer I'd just plan on replacing it soon. I replaced it a couple months ago with a 1070GTX that is going into my next build. That coupled with the news of recent AMD GPUs - they aren't bad or a total waste of money since most will upgrade 2-3 years down the road anyway - but I still for peace of mind will stay with nVidia.

All in all - all components of the PC's in both stages of its build were great when they were working. But only a few really shined throughout the entire lifecycle and would convince me to buy again if I went back in time with the knowledge I have now.

Total cost for the build in 2011 was around $1000 which worked great at the time. The build/refresh in 2013 ran me around $700 which also to me was a good value. The misc parts I replaced (PSU/RAM) throughout time brought it about a $2,000 total cost in about 6 1/2 years on this rig which I don't think is bad at all.

I look forward to the new build hopefully getting me through 3 years without any parts changing as well.

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Can we have more pictures?

  • 37 months ago
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yep, check back later tonight. I'll upload a few

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Nice build for its time. should hold up if you adjust setting.