Fun build, found most parts on facebook marketplace or a local barter site to keep things cheap (I figured it was an AMD build, why worry about quality) but I used pcpartpicker for reference the whole time. I've got the cpu at 4.2 stable @ 75C and hitting realbench scores in the 100k. GPU runs warm 70C+ at full load but running Farcry5 @ 1080p 60+ fps. Didn't end up getting the case but threw it all in an old Antec case I had laying around. I have a 5 pack of 80mm Arctic case fans 2 front intake and 2 rear exhaust, a 120mm Coolermaster fan tucked in the 5.25 bay for intake and a 120mm Rosewell blue led fan that I mounted in the window for exhaust.

5/5 update threw in a hyper 212 evo and bumped up the cores 4.4Ghz, fsb 203 and voltages 1.425 and still dropped temps to less than 60*C at full load. Also added the extra 120mm fan on the evo and a 80mm fan directly over the VRM, thats a total of 5 80mm, 4 120mm and the 2 50mm fans on the video card and only the video card fans are noticeable when under full load. (I've seen a lot of reviews that this mobo didn't have enough fan headers and that the cooler master 120mm fan were noisy)

Part Reviews


Holds it's own, handles an overclock nice, for the price I paid, you can't beat it.


Impressive board, all the bells and whistles. Windows 10 no problems, easy bios and good overclocking.


Rock solid at advertised speeds, won't run a tick overclocked.


Super fast os drive.


Nice hd to have in the background

Video Card

Does the trick, for the money can't go wrong. Just a little overclock will overheat it but runs Rust and Far Cry 5 above 60 fps at 1080p.

Power Supply

I'm pushing the overhead a little and it hasn't blinked yet. My system runs around 420W stock and with the overclock I have on it I'm probably close to the ceiling, we'll see how it holds out.

Operating System

I haven't paid for a key yet, the little unvalidated stamp in the bottom corner hasn't bothered me enough to justify the $125

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  • 21 months ago
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FX 8300 for $35... baller +1

  • 13 months ago
  • 1 point

Love the build!

One question, though. Why pair that tiny cooler with a space heater?

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

I’ll get some updated pics, the evo212 I have on it now is cooler

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