Update (10/8/17): SSD began corrupting data so was returned. I bought a 1tb Hard drive instead and its working fine

**Update (10/10/17): Bought a nice pair of headphones. Great sound quality for a decent price

**Update (17/10/17): Bought a new motherboard. It's atx and allows for overclocking plus it supports one of the latest sockets and it was only £55! It also fits my GPU colour scheme :)

**Update (19/3/19): Got another 8GB stick of RAM for CAD work

"my finished build" Or so I thought. I upgraded my CPU, motherboard and RAM as well as my CPU cooler. It looked good and performed well enough. Then I saw this video and decided to do a little research into how well my graphics card was selling on ebay in the UK. The 4GB RX 470s were going for £250-£300 and so I decided that I might as well sell mine now, replace it with a 1060 and then do a little upgrading with the profit. I bought my graphics card last year for £155 and it sold for £273 and so I decided to get a nice gaming X model. I paid £225 on amazon with rocket league for free (which I was gonna buy for £10 anyway) and a £15 cashback from MSI. This meant that I effectively got my GPU for £82!!

  • SSD: I had a bit of profit leftover from the sale of my GPU so I decided to get an SSD. I just found the cheapest one I could for a 120GB model and bought it. Its much better than my hard drive, which I think I might have to replace because the steam summer sale is causing my game collection to expand rapidly :)

  • Fans: I have just finished my exams so I decided to buy myself something nice. I bought these and the keyboard. The fans are good but I think I might need some rubber attachment things because they seem to be a little on the loud side. I bought a couple of fan splitters and run two included case fans on one and my CPU fan and the two cooler master ones off the other (the second splitter is attached to the CPU_fan header on my motherboard). Not sure if my splitter setup has something to do with the noise. I have the phanteks fans as intake and the cooler master fans as exhaust. I would have just used the CM fans but their cables are about 10cm long and I have a mid tower so they can't be mounted with one at the back and one at the front.

  • Keyboard: My first mechanical keyboard but I can't go back now. It is a fairly premium model but its worth it. I was considering a pro s RGB instead but when I got round to buying it I saw that there was the white LED version of the pro M for about £40 less so I went for it.

Overall, I paid less than £600 and am pretty pleased with my results. It performs great and IMO looks really good. I might consider getting a new CPU if I need it but it seems to be fine at the minute. (if I trade in my old ones I can get an i5-6500 for about £75). I think I need another hard drive and am considering this 1TB one for £38 but I might just buy what I want and see if they all fit or not.

Thanks to nickm93 for some advice with my new GPU. It was definitely the right decision.

Part Reviews


A steal at £55 and a good motherboard at regular price. Supports non-k overclocking so I can get a cheap skylake i5 and have an overclocked skylake i5/z170 mobo combo for about £150, which is cheaper than most i5s


1TB Hard drive from a good company for £40. Decent. Had no corruption or issues at all

Video Card

Great GPU for 1080p gaming at almost ultra settings. Only tried the witcher 3 and skyrim so far but it manages both at 1080p ultra with ease and the latter with loads of graphics mods too.

Power Supply

Great Semi modular power supply with a decent efficiency rating. Plus, 400W is more than enough for my fairly low power components.


Great wireless mouse. Plus I got it for only £30!


Amazing headphones with great sound quality

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  • 32 months ago
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Really nice build and desk setup! Glad you like the GPU :) Good to know it runs Witcher 3 with ease as the steam sales have been tempting me.. +1

  • 32 months ago
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Yeah. I bought it in the steam sale and it is awesome.

[comment deleted]
  • 32 months ago
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It's basic. Very basic. I would recommend something like a vs450 or cx450m depending if you want semi-modularity. There is a vs450 on Amazon for only £5 more with way more efficiency and reliability. Not had it fail apart from when I had put in a dodgy part which killed it and my motherboard.