PCPartPicker always helps me to find the exact part I need. So it's my turn to testify.

My purpose was to optimise my computer year after year. I first wanted something powerfull. Then, I reached silence and low power consumption. Compacity was my next goal. And now, why not to have a nice rig ?

As you can see, I didn't succomb to RGB LED and other party ornament. I also prefered the Fractal Nano S case without window because it is bad for temps and noise. I had to avoid HDD to a full SSD M2 system too. I opted for a Founder Edition GTX1080 so that it expels heat, despite throttling and making some noise in game without Vsync. I bought the biggest and most silent heatsink that just fit in my Nano S. A 1 mm space remains between the heatsink and exhaust fan but the heatsink touches gently the DDR. I didn't want any watercooling as it generally generates a little hiss and consumes more. I have 3 fans (2 x 12cm BeQuiet Silentwings 3 PWM and a Silentium Fortis 3 V2 fan). At min, it turns respectively at 500 and 700 RPM. At max, they all turn at 1400 TPM. At IDLE, we can't hear the computer.

Here are my stats

  • Min consumption : 27,6W (system unit)
  • Max consumption in game : 260W (system unit)
  • Max consumption in stress test : 300W (system unit)
  • 3D Mark 11 P graphics score : 28 350
  • 3D Mark 11 P physics score : 15 739
  • 3D Mark 11 P score : 23 449
  • Time Spy graphics score : 7 239
  • Time Spy CPU score : 8 000
  • Time Spy score : 7 343
  • Super Pi mod 1.5 1M : 7,970 s
  • Super Pi mod 1.5 2M : 17,893 s
  • Rough temps in recent games (max out details, Vsync) : CPU at 60 °c, GPU at 80 °c
  • Windows 10 boot from power on to desktop : 15,5"

The monitor is a great AOC Q3277PQU MVA. Not the best for games, but it's still really ok and responsive. And, above all, perfect for office, surf and medias. I place it on the wall to move it away and preserve my eyes.

My keyboard is a Logitech K800 as it is -as far as I know- the only wireless and illuminated keyboard. Moreover, it is not too noisy. The mouse is a Logitech G602 for its big battery life and numerous buttons. The clics are a bit noisy, but so less than those on MX Master.

For some games, I use either Xbox One Patrol Tech controller (cars games essentially) or Mad Catz Fightpad (fighting games exclusively).

For sound, I link my PC to a Denon Ceol N9 by optical wire and profit of my Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers. Simple. Efficient. Not so good with my headphones Plantronics Backbeat Pro+ as they produce a little but disappoiting hiss generated by Windows.

What's next :

  • A SFX PSU like Strider Titanium, but I really don't like the blue scheme.
  • Next gen GPU, if not still in 16 nm process
  • A new ITX case that support 16 cm heatsink tower and benefits of sound dampening and USB C. But it doesn't exist yet...

Edit 10/03/2018

  • Plantronics Backbeat Pro+ replaced by a Sony MDR-1000x, more expensive. This last one delivers as precise sound, maybe even more, and without any parasite hiss. Moreover, its design and comfort are better. So far so good.

Edit 14/03/2018

  • Seasonic Prime Titanium Fanless 600W replaces Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W. Probably a detail, but I save few Watts and still have much more than what I need (300W max in a stress power supply application). Like before, it doesn't produce coil whine. (PS : I'll change the photos soon)


  • 20 months ago
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Very good parts selection. And well put together..

I enjoy a fairly silent computer also. But have went with a different approach. Check out my Deadpool build to see my stack of Noctua Fans running at low rpm for near silent operation.

Unless something comes about that is more capable the Fractal Design Define R6 is likely to be my next case.

  • 20 months ago
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This is a massive but clever build. I confirm that Define R6 should be a better option, but it won't support as many HDD I guess.

  • 20 months ago
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Looks good, but the nano s no window has 162mm clearance for heat sink. Did you want another cooler ?

  • 20 months ago
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Thanks. But I didn't find any better heatsink.

I previously had Thermalright HR02 and BeQuiet Dark Rock 3, so I can say that the Silentium Fortis 3 V2 is equal. I'd like to have the Grand Macho from Thermalright, but I miss 2 mm or I would have to retire my exhausting fan. Maybe in a future case...